Emmae Drawing Contest!

Hey dudes!
Knockturn’s holding a drawing contest! However, this time it’s a little different! This contest is all about Emmae! (If you don’t know who Emmae is, she’s the discord bot who likes to randomly speak in global)

For this contest, we’d like you all to draw Emmae getting sorted! You guys have to come up with which house she gets sorted in and why. The house and explanation are completely up to you!


  • 1st place gets 2 stacks of galleons and a Spell Scroll!
  • 2nd place gets 1 stack of galleons!
  • 3rd place gets 32 galleons!

How to enter!

Reply to this post with:

Roleplay Name:
Picture of your drawing:


  1. Please keep your drawings appropriate!
  2. Don’t steal someone else’s art!
  3. You may only submit 1 entry per person

You have until the 15th of March! The winners will be announced on the 20th!

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Discord! CrystalmtG#7655


Ign: shardae
Rp name: Narcissa Shardae
Explanation: Emmae would be ravenclaw bc shes got a smart mouth image


IGN: Hermburger

Roleplay Name: Herm Blackthorn

Explanation: I believe that Emmae would be sorted into Ravenclaw because of how much information she keeps track of. She also learns new things quite often and will stand up for herself and her emotions. If she had a second house, I’d possibly say Gryffindor though. Not Slytherin-- I don’t think she’s cunning, ambitious, or any of the other traits enough!




IGN: saranghai
Roleplay Name: Sammy Jorkins
Explanation: Ravenclaw would be the best house for Emmae! She has access to a wealth of knowledge and always has a witty reply to any comment. Slytherin could also be a good house for Emmae because she probably knows a lot about everyone through listening to our conversations, but she doesn’t seem to be the cunning type as much as she is knowledgeable.
Picture of your drawing:


Nice drawing, but heads up Emmae’s picture is on discord ~

Oh whoops I did not know that XD

This can be Emmae in an alternate universe then lol

Sorry for the delay! You guys did really well, had some trouble deciding! The winners areeeee…

In first place, we have @Herm!
In second place, @icemistywolf!
And in third place, @Pandette!

Your prizes will be mailed to you! Thank you all for participating! :heart: