#Eva Project

Hi humans of KTN! Ava and I are doing something and we request audio recordings of you people cheering. So you could like clap, go “woooo”, etc. Don’t go like crazy and just scream at the top of your lungs please because I promise you, your clip will not be used in our project. We just want some simple cheers. BTW, if you couldn’t figure it out beforehand, only your audio will be used so if you just so happen to submit a video of yourself cheering, only your voice will be included and not your lovely face. We’ll try to use as many recordings as possible but we also don’t want it to sound super crazy as we’ll be overlapping all of these audios to sound like an audience. Could we just get a recording of an audience cheering off of YouTube? Yes but that’s no fun. So to submit your recording, just send a link to the youtube video you post with the recording, attach the audio file, or whatever is best for you to get us the audio of you cheering. If you would prefer to dm us on discord for privacy reasons or something, then sure go ahead but if you could, please try to keep it to the replies on this post as it’s just more organized. The deadline for submissions is March 1st.
Thanks! - emma
ok bye ily - ava


i beat u all
no i didn’t cheat
fusilli col buco sent me the link smh

editing this to say:
i beat u all
no i didn’t cheat
i am a poet and i know it now

also eva forever and fusalle forever ofc yes