Event Time Poll 2

Hey everyone, just to get a clearer view can people please put the times they usually play on week days below, and if you are in the following region: AMERICAS or EUROPEAN or AUSTRALIA/ASIA


Pandette’s time:


ohmy I meant 9am-2pm and somtimes after 8pm.

@JWithoutHope can you please put EST and which section of the 3 options you are in (Americas, European, Austrlia/Asia)

sorry EST Americas

generally like 12-3 pm or after 8-9 pm PST, america
(3-6 pm, or after 11-midnight EST, america)

10am-3 pm EST EUROPEAN

10 am-11 am EST AMERICAS
5 pm-1 am EST AMERICAS

5-6PM to 8-9PM EST - Americas

4pm-5:30pm EST - European

6pm ish- 4am ish EST - Americas
Times vary depending on school and work

weekdays only, not weekends

1pm - 7pm EST EUROPE

12 - 8 pm EST Americas

weekends dont count this is weekday only

3pm to 11pm European time

11am-12pm est americas

6 pm - 12 am EST AMERICAS

3-11pm EST Americas

1-7 pm EST, European

8am - 2pm AEDT Australia
This is only for the rest of January because school goes back in February, once school’s gone back it’ll be 4pm - 8pm AEDT Australia