Fairy Tail's Return

Hey! It’s about time I get into this to thing… anyways I wanted to do one that includes my favorite anime! Although not totally nessicarry, background info on the anime would be nice. Here’s how it’s gonna work: after spending years apart, the guild never fully able to return rises from it’s grave. Fairy Tail’s new generation of wizards have arrived on the scene. This will take place when ALL cannon characters are dead. No Natsu, no Lucy, no Erza exc…

Here’s how you join: name for this rp: ( Ollie Dragneel for example) type of magic: (dragon slayer fire/holy for example) and current guild: (Laymia Scale for example)
Here are some rules:
Pg of course. Hugging and stiff is okay, but if you don’t want grandma to see it don’t do it.
No Over powered characters. Everyone is still going to be developing. This means if 2 people rping get in a fight, we’ll hold a vote for the winner and how close the fight is.
And finally, have fun! This is just an idea I came up with so I can pass some free time. If you end up wanting to quit, give an excuse for your absence and we’ll keep going!


Name: Marcus Ignis
Magic type: Dragon slayer, only fire (at this time)
Current guild: Laymia Scale (But always wanted to be in fairy tail)

Marcus is not what you’d call a high class wizard. Not much of a reputation for strength but still has competed in tournaments for Laymia Scale. However, after making a fatal mistake, he was disregarded and hasn’t been seen in the grand magic games since. present time Marcus looks up from his book smiling at his guild mates. “Just like home…” the noise and smashing noises echo, the feeling of celebration in the air. Grand magic games were just 1 month away, and Laymia Scale was just announced as the favorite. Soon qualifiers will start. Marcus clenched his fist. “This year is my year.” He smirks, thinking of his plan. “This fire is just raging to get out.”

Name: Corana Alayar
Magic Type: Earth (Now: Earth Devil Slayer)
Guild: Blue Pegasus (Formerly Deaths Head Caucus)

Corana looked around the guild hall. Everyone seemed excited, Corana didn’t understand it. She had joined the guild at a young age but it still didn’t feel like home. She remembered what the old master had told her when she first joined. “A guild is like a family. They’re there to pick you up when you fall down.” Corana sighed. She didn’t know why she had even joined in the first place. Ugh, Corana, you know that isn’t true. The old master had found her and taken her in… when he died Corana was devastated. She stared at the New master. Corana didn’t like the master much, she never had.

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Name: Joanna (Jo) Bellum
Age: About 20 years old (added this for fun idk)
Magic Type: Script Magic (mainly uses it to enchant her duel daggers)
Current Guild: Sabertooth

The setting sun shone down on the pavement as small, echoing footsteps could be heard nearing the door to the Sabertooth guild hall. “It’s been nearly two months and yet nothing has changed a bit.” Jo thought to herself with a chuckle. She was just returning from a job she had been on. The job itself did not take two months, but Jo had been attacked by some rogues from a dark guild on her way back and had stayed in the nearest town while she healed. She gritted her teeth then shrugged off her embarrassing failure. She pushed open the heavy door and stepped inside. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, Jo took a look around for familiar faces. “Hey, Joanna’s back” someone called from across the room. Ignoring the person who had called her by the name she so hated, Jo walked inside further and went to find the master.

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(Bit of a problem there Stacey, fairy tail needs to be rebuilt. So you’re gonna have to go pick another guild. On the bright side though, I was planning on it before the qualifiers)

(O shhhh, mk \o/)

Name: Athyl Detrauni
Magic Type: Ice-make
Guild: Sabertooth

At 13 years of age, Athyl set off into the arctic to try learning some sort of magic. After months of staying outside with little on him and training with a tutor, he was able to create just the smallest of ice. However, it was a big checkpoint for him. From there, he spent a year more before setting off into the direction of his goal guild, Sabertooth. Once arriving, he showed off his magic. He created small sculptures of ice figures, as to conserve his energy. Although hesitant after seeing his appearance, the master agreed to let him in.

Athyl wears his emblem on the back of his back. At 15 years of age, Athyl still continues to work on his powers, always ambitious to become better. He is still inexperienced, draining most of his magical power after an hour of casting some spells. Athyl goes on small jobs with decent pay from defeating a couple of troublesome beasts to helping create ice sculptures for parties or events.

“Oh what’s this,” Athyl says to himself while ripping off a flyer from the Request Board. “Something mysterious is troubling a small town? Hmm…” Athyl looks towards the bottom, reading the small print carefully before looking at the reward. “60,000 jewels!”

Athyl rushes to the master, asking for permission to take on this job.

“Not unless you find a team to help you, you are still too young as well as you not knowing what sort of creature or power is causing this disruption.” the master said before dismissing him.

Athyl looked around the Guild Hall.

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Marcus got up from his seat. He looked down to his hand, admiring his guild mark. ‘You’ve treated me well… but it still isn’t family…’ he thought to himself. After brushing his crimson hair out of his face he pulled a job paper out of his pocket. After asking permission to do it, he ran out. “60,000 jewels here I come!” The smile on his face never left. ‘All I need is 60,000… then I have enough to-’ his though was cut of by the loud whistle of a train. “Oh crap” he said instantly falling to his knees ready to puke.

Name: Taiya Utsaki
Guild: Sabertooth
Magic: Sun (Solar Dragon Slayer) :sunny:️:)

Taiya wandered around the guild aimlessly, excited for the soon to come Grand Magic games. She eagerly chatted around with guild mates, making bets about the events. She found her way over to the bulletin where jobs were posted. “Creatures in the castle plumbing 709 miles away for 70 jewels, not a chance. How about this one… 60,000 jewels! Count me in!” She exclaimed, ready for the adventure, and the money.

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Corana could hear excited whispers among her guildmates. “I hope I get to participate in the grand magic games this year!” Someone said. Corana found herself smiling. She had enjoyed watching the Grand Magic Games since she was a child. She hoped to take part this year.

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Jo glanced around to find the master’s face in the crowd of people. She spotted her sitting at a table, dismissing a young boy she did not know well. She made her way towards them and passed the young lad with a polite smile. “Master, I have returned.” She announced in a nervous voice. The master, a middle aged woman, narrowed her wrinkling eyes for a moment. “Finally returned, have you?” The frown turned into a slight smile. A man called from a table over from them “Hey Jo! I hear ya got done in by a couple of strays?” he laughed. “There were at least 50, that’s not exactly ‘a couple’.” Jo shot back. She knew he was just messing around but the truth hurt her pride. She really had failed horribly. The master spoke up “Well, all arguments aside, there is still the fact that you were unable to handle this trip on your own. For the next few jobs at least, I do not want you to go alone.” Jo’s heart sank. “But master-” she started. “Be it one partner or a whole team, this is my decision.” the master said, standing up to signal the end of discussion. As the master walked off, Jo slumped down at the table and let her head fall with a sigh.

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The train finally stopped giving Marcus his stomach back. He instantly jumped off, “Man that sucked… Still worth the 60,000 jewels!” He then looked back at the job request and ran off to to start.

Corana got up. Quickly she took a job. 70,000 jewels… Not bad. she thought.

Tiaya stood by the bulletin, jumping for joy. “I better get a move on!” She gathered some of her things and made we way to the train station. She walked onto the train, hoping the tide wouldn’t be long.

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Fun fact my middle name is natsu

While looking around, Athyl saw someone slumping on a table near where the master sat. Taking another look to see if there was anyone, he slowly walked towards her. Both of them stared into each others’ eyes before introducing themselves.

The other mage was known as Jo, her magic being that of script. Now introduced, Athyl asked, “Do you want to take a job with me?”

Jo looked curiously at the wizard that had just introduced himself. Had he been listening in and showing pity? “Unlikely” she thought to herself. He did not seem ill intentioned, in fact, it seemed he also was in need of a partner. “Sure, did you have a job in mind?” she asked him, deciding to trust the young lad.

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(uhh stacey, didnt the person at the board already take the job and get on the train?)

(I didn’t see that last post she made >.< sorry. uhh)

Athyl went to the Request Board, having a job in mind while Jo trailed along.

“Well darn, someone already took it,” Athyl let out a frustrated sight seeing that the job worth 60,000 jewels was taken. “We must have been too late.”

Looking around to see what other requests could be good, he saw a couple, “How about helping the townspeople remove an infestation of mutant parasites? It’s worth 15,000.”

Snatching another off the board, “Or defeating a horde Vulcan disrupting a village? This is worth 20,000 but it seems more difficult.”

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Marcus was breathing heavy. “You guys are tough I’ll give you that.” Of the 15 monsters, he’d only beat 3 of them. All of the monsters seemed to be able to near Marcus though. “Fire dragon iron fist!” He hand was engulfed in flames as he lunged at the monsters one after another. Finally bringing a 4th to it’s knees. “Crap… you’re a bit tougher then I thought.” Marcus was ready to pass out. He’d used almost all his energy and never thought that the quest would be for a group.