Fairytail’s Return: What magic type and guild should I be?

Hey! So I want to join Ollie’s roleplay for fairy tail and was wondering if I could get you guys’ opinion on something’s!
First) Which type of magic should I be?

  • Card
  • Fire Maker
  • Ice Maker

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Second) Which guild should I be in?
I won’t make a poll for this one since here are so many, but you can comment if you’d like :smiley:

You should join a dark guild :smiley:

Fire make. And join my guild. We’d be such an awesome team oml. Just do it.

Nah, join Hui’s cult for the god of war XD

@OllieDivine yo, give me one valid reason why I should and I close the poll hue

Because fire + Fire = more fire. And fire is awesome

I personally think arc of time is the best magic.

Thanks everyone! I’ve chosen Fairy tail and Fire Maker :smiley:

ew @LizzieGoesNoot

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We have a fire maker -no @OllieDivine fire + fire = problems- we have a card person, we’ve got celestial stoof, elemental, shadow. We don’t have Ice. We need someone to be like arch enemies with Ollie xD

Correction. we do not have a fire maker, you are a memory maker. Meaning you can only create things using your own memory of how to cast it. Meaning you can possible use any element as long as you remember a spell for it. Plus, I need a sidekick to be able to re fuel me xD

what are you talking about xD you be mr. pyro over der. -fire maker boi-

yes I am a memory maker, aka elementalist.

and you no need sidekick xD

He’s a dragon slayer not fire maker?

face slaps self

I know. Is sarcasm a foreign language to all of you? xD

Oh. I sorry

Sarcasm is also heard through tone and you’re typing rn xD

Huehue. this is a sentence

I don’t talk much… but I use sarcasm a lot. how am I supposed to show sarcasm xD


For instance: I really love this conversation