Falling in hole

I fell inside of a hole behind (in front?) of the Hogwarts Express and can’t get out. I tired to break blocks and was unable to, I tried to go into creative mode and failed, I tried deleting the server and getting it back. please help me get out of this hole. Also I am very sorry if i broke any rules trying to get out of the said hole I fell into. I Fall into a lot of holes on a regular basis

You shouldn’t have access to creative mode anyways as you are not staff (but I’m assuming that’s why the method failed). If you ever get stuck somewhere, just do /spawn and it takes you back to the Leaky Cauldron/Spawn. If you need future help also and you see staff online (/list) you can make a helpop ticket (/helpop (explain your problem)) and staff will come to the rescue!

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