Family Heads Removal



We’re shaking things up!

Family Heads have been a part of Knockturn for a good long while, and can effect adoption and marriages. Or at least, this used to be true. Family Heads will no longer be a factor, and by a unanimous Owner vote, are being removed.

What does this mean for born families?

Well as it stands, not much. It’s still true that you must be born into a family to sponsor someone gaining your name, and adopted members can not adopt in people themselves.

What about custom names?

What this means for individuals with custom families is that ANY user with that custom last name can sponsor a name change, whether by marriage or adoption.

Custom families with no active members, by extension, can not gain new members by any means.

Let’s use MacCraith as an easy example. As the only member of my family, I can add Jordan Owen. Then, as Jordan MacCraith, she could add people to the family with or without my input. If both of us quit the server, the family would die with us.

You probably have questions

Please feel free to ask in the comments and your concerns or questions will be answered. :3

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Previously, I was not able to add anyone to the Arima family, as Andrew Arima was the head of it, but no longer plays. Does this added rule prevent anyone from being added to the Arima family? There are four total members of Arima, and I am the only active one. I was adopted into the family an irl year ago.

If I can’t add anybody, it won’t effect me too much, but I’m just curious.


You can add someone if you have available slots and hold the custom last name currently. :3


Ayy even though I was family head this means nobody can ever be added to my family bc everyone quit / got banned. I’m the last Schoenheit :open_mouth:


If a user wanted to create their own custom name, they still can apply without a sponsor due to it being a new name, correct?


That’s right! New names are perfectly fine, though they’re subject to owner approval ^^


Something similar like Lilly, since Michael and I were only active Kings, and he is now… Well not active anymore, does this give me the right to add baby Kings, or do I have to wait a bit more?


Family Heads are literally not a factor anymore, so if you have adoption slots you can go right ahead! :smile:


Isnt King a born family tho?


It truly is, that’s why I asked. And totally forgot about Harry King, tho he hasn’t been on in a long time as well. Well, let’s see…


Nice :3


Uhm I had understood it as the only real change was for custom families and born families adoptions couldnt still adopt with that name? " adopted members can not adopt in people themselves." - Born Families


Oof wait. @ItsMeShell are you adopted? If so you can’t adopt others. Sorry for confusion, I forget who is born vs adopted in.


AWW okay, yeah I’m only adopted, I wasn’t worthy enough to be born as King. :sob: I will find my way


What’s a adoption slot?


Custom last names can only have a limited number of people to their families. Once these slots are taken, no more people can be adopted in until someone changes their name and leaves.


Does this mean I can be a Bell now @Pandette ?


No, did you read the post? :woman_facepalming:


yes but still worth a try


The shimada family is still strong with their ways of mystic bull crapping