Fierce Friday and Super Sunday -- Movie Night for January

Movie nights are every Friday @ 9 PM EST / Sunday @ 10 AM EST

  • All Movies are PG-13
  • It’s Free to Attend
  • You must be able to use add
  • For attendees, a poll will be placed beforehand for people to vote on which movie they will want to see
  • DM Pandette on discord to receive the poll.

Week One (Friday January 4th 9:00 PM EST / Sunday January 6th 10:00 AM EST)

The Power Puff Girls - The Movie (2002)

Genres: Children, Comedy, Family

A movie about 3 girls who have to fight bad guys!

Unbreakable (2001)

Genres: Superhero

A story that is told in the same universe as Split (a movie we saw during october. These movies will have a 3rd movie that combines characters in them). Bruce Willis is found to be a possible real life super hero.

The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

Genres: Comedy

Peter Parker, a very smart student, is bitten by a radioactive spider… but who cares about that Emma Stone is in this movie!

X-men (2000)

Genres: X-men

I do believe this is the movie that Storm, the woman who makes clouds, tells Rogue, the girl who kills everyone she touches, that there is nothing wrong with her… But hey, Anna Paquin as a young girl! (before she became a vampire f---- an. Star in True Blood.)

Journey to the West (2013)

Genres: Awesomeness, Comedy

A monk tries to battle demons… with a book of nursery rhymes. He tries to appeal to their inner goodness, while another female monk just uses her awesome powers.

Week Two (Friday January 11th 9:00 PM EST / Sunday January 13th 10:00 AM EST)

The Incredibles (2004)

Genres: Family, Kids Movie

When a man realizes he doesn’t like his desk job anymore, he decides to go take on a mission as a super hero again after many years.

Hellboy (2004)

Genres: Action

Lets pretend I watched this movie and paid attention. Uhmmmmm big red dude beats people up… googles plot

At the end of World War II, the Nazis attempt to open a portal to a paranormal dimension in order to defeat the Allies, but are only able to summon a baby demon who is rescued by Allied forces and dubbed “Hellboy” (Ron Perlman). Sixty years later, Hellboy serves as an agent in the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, where he, aided by Abe Sapien (Doug Jones), a merman with psychic powers, and Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), a woman with pyrokinesis, protects America against dark forces.

I’m questioning if that is the real plot…

Antman (2015)

Genres: Comedy

Paul Rudd is a super hero… also has one of the most realistic realities of job experience.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Genres: Guardians of the Galazy

Does it really matter what I put here? This movie is probably going to be picked this week anyway.

Doctor Strange (2016)

Genres: BladderPuff CucumberPatch

Benedryll Candlestick tries to become a super awesome magicial. While Bendystick Cumberlandfarms is also a doctor outside of wizard stuff, Blastoises CharmanderLizard thinks he can be a good wizard dude.

Week Three (Friday January 18th 9:00 PM EST / Sunday January 20th 10:00 AM EST)

Wonder Woman (2017)

Genres: DC Universe

Literally the only reason this movie got such high reviews is because the number of female led super hero movies that are of decent quality is so low, that this movie had to be boosted by comparison. Not to say its not a good movie, just to say that it isn’t exactly as good as marvel movies have been lately. Literally all the other female super hero movies are animated or REALLY BAD (see: catwoman, elektra) or rated R/TV-MA (see: Jessica Jones). Oh well, its not like any of you read my descriptions~ (@ Bambi who doesn’t even check out the gifs)

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Genres: Disney Will not Stop until your entire family is dead, no one is safe anymore.

A genius boy who invents robots decides he loves an invention his brother made. Thats the entire movie.

Black Panther (2018)

Genres: Wakanda Forever

A king has to fight for his title against someone who challenges his right to rule.

Man of Steel (2013)

Genre: Superman

A very handsome alien tries to defeat other less handsome aliens and Amy Adams looks beautiful throughout the entire film.

5th element (1997)

Genres: This counts a foreign movie because the director is Luc Besson shhhh, also comedy

The amount of reasons you should see this movie is just too damn high.

  1. Multipass
  2. Sirius Black is in it

No more spoilers, you should see this one.

Week Four (Friday January 25th 9:00 PM EST / Sunday January 27th 10:00 AM EST)

Suicide Squad(2013)

Genres: Action

A bunch of crazy people have the save the world… DC why do you do this to us. The only reason this movie is on this list, lets be real, is because its one of the FEW MOVIES with a female lead… cries desperately

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017)

Genres: Guardian of the Galazy

I am groot, I am groot, I am groot.

Iron Man (2008)

Genres: Action

Robert Downey Jr. plays himself as a super hero… a guy who realizes he is the bad guy all along, and decides to become the good guy.

The Avengers (2012)

Genres: Action

A bunch of marvel super heros gang up to save the world, and a man brings 12 arrows to kill a horde of aliens. HULK SMASH!

Batman Begins (2005)

Genres: Action

A dude decides to become a super hero… what else is a rich guy gonna do with his time? He decides on a really ridiculous outfit that is not conducive to fighting at all. See: NO CAPES!


I did actually read the descriptions, and I am not disappointed (esp the Dr. strange oml)


This is it. This is my month. My nerd soul is now fangirling so hard oh gosh can we see em all


Agreed. If no, you and I can go nerd out at other times, in addition to these


Yas omg theres so many marvel and dc movies, im proud :clap::clap:

Why is suicide squad listed as 2013? It was released in theaters in 2016.

Bc its probably the date on the post i copied the format from n i had to put this together quickly… the dates are there for movies with same names, no need to go grammar nazi on a typo of 20 different movies o.o

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