Final Fantasy

Hey kids… So if you guys don’t know what this is… YOU ARE UNCULTURED SWINES/WEEBS

We are in Final Fantasy! More specifically, in FFXV’s setting. The world of Eos.

We’re all aware that Noctis Lucii’s death leaves a major gap in the hierarchy. As a result, the country is in upheaval, and other enemy countries are now attempting overtake the country Lucis. You all are in the fight now, whether you like it or not. Each country has two Crystals… Your goal is to protect Lucis’s crystals and destroy the others countries’.

As a member of Lucis, you all are granted abilities to fight and will serve the country as well as you can, with a mystery Lucii taking the throne in name of the hierarchy. You can be a General, Commander, Captain, Private, or Citizen.

As a fighter, you are allowed eight weapons that you can change. You are allowed only three abilities out of the following. (Warp strike, Fire/Thunder/Ice Flask, Cover, Curaga) (You may throw swords to teleport to people, but MSG me about this. Too many people is a no go. <-- Warp Strike)

As a supporter, you are allowed a minor weapon, with five abilities of your choice! Supports are mainly there to protect a group and either buff or debuff the enemy! (Abilities are things like Curaga, Full Break, Barrier, Demoralization.)

As a mage, you are allowed one weapon and a variety of abilities. However keep in mind they all have to do with Final Fantasy. (Firaga, Curaga, etc.)

As a marksman, you are allowed the choice of any gun or any bow. You are allowed two abilities, and have the ability to create excruciatingly painful combos.

So! You all know the drill :smile:

Name: Irang Lucii
Rank: Royal
Role: Fighter
Abilities: Warp Strike, Ice Flask, Curaga, Phase
Description: Dark hair, Blue eyes. He has a black rune below his right eye and stands at around 5"10’. Generally enjoys to wear black clothing and is known to be an extremely deadly swordsman. He holds all of his friends close to him, but shows no mercy to opponents. Known to wield his weapons weirdly.

(XD literally beat ff15 yesterday)

(FFXV was a sad story.)

Irang walked around an empty hall where two brilliant rainbow crystals, the size of huge statues were floating in the air. They seemed to hold a mesmerizing state of balance and floated around.

His boots sounded throughout the hall as blue wisps of weapons danced around him, as he reached the throne of the Lucii and gingerly sat down on it.

(Can I be like one of your royal guards @Kaneki)

(Sure. Why not :stuck_out_tongue: Technically you would be a Kingsglaive member then.)

(Ya XD, I gots to think of abilitys for me chreachter any suggestions. )

(IDK bro… @OllieDivine @MightyThor1198 @AnaCloud )

(I know absolutely nothing of this XD)

( >:l You all are uncultured swines0

(It’s Disney, not anime)

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Name: lucy brenzo
Rank: kingsglaive
Role: mage
Ability: Curaga thunderaga firaga, blizzaraga. Cure. Shell, (few others that I will just pm about
Description: long black hair and gree eyes.
She has know Irang for a long time.

(This ok @Kaneki)

I am a young uncultered pig that dun wanna join.

You should join

I. Am. A. Member. Of. The. Uncultured. SWINE.

I nearly shouted when I saw you say that, because my friend, Maverick, says that all the time. XD

(XD we are all in someway apart of that group.)

*a part -.-

(XD why you hurt me, respond in blood rp XD)

(@Kaneki can we start)