Final Goodbye

Yo it’s been a cool and fun year with you guys, but I’ve got to leave this for a very long time :stuck_out_tongue: I gotta carry on back with college and the work load will be more than ever, so I can sit around and mess with the Melon Cult or whatever. (forever will we sacrifice) But I loved all the stuff that I got to do around the server, along with the people I could meet and have fun with. Especially the fellow Koreans on discord. So I truly have to thank you all for an amazing time, but this will be it. Good Bye.


It was fun while you were back, we’ll miss you! Good luck in college

GG bro, -I’d say have fun, but school ain’t always dat way- nice seeing ya around!

Good Luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck with college Kaneki! XD

Destiny and I will try not to destroy your room incase you come back. -w-

Will miss you 이상! :cry:


Good Luck with college, you will be greatly missed, Kaneki!
~Ashley Scrimgeour