Finally, you trouble makers I gotta put a stop to et xD -le liking comp-

Guys I couldn’t get onto the forums for several days and I couldn’t stop ya, so you drove my profile off the charts with a crazed amount of likes xD

Since I finally got online. I here-by put this competition to an end. The new #1 stalker is now Cassie.

pls dun kill me xD kthxbai


Othankgod. On one hand I hate seeing Cassie beat me and on another I didn’t care enough to compete. How did the competition even start? (I should know this since I was there when it started, but I don’t because my memory sucks)


when I left I saw that Cassie was liking everything and I was like ‘sure go ahead, have another liking comp’ then in the middle of the pacific I was like ‘this was a terrible idea. why did I let her. she’s gonna break my profile’ xD


woops it was the wind


No I mean the first time. Like a year ago

I have no bloody clue xD y’all just seem to ‘like’ me -does finger guns then runs-


I know it started on your two year post

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i love how you’ve already tried making a post about humans stopping, but nobody has enough respect for you so eveyrone just keeps doing it

human competition for my love xD as long as they dun break my profile den fine, but tis just a lil tiny bit annoying xD


@PassionFire exCUSE miss blowing up my notification box xD the liking comp is over 4 now xD


mwa ha ha ha ;3

ok i feel so bad for you kristen


That’s dedication.

heh i decided to join in

ogod. this was supposed to be a post to stop dis, not to add more chaos xD


yeah but seriously this could be considered harrassment. so stop. smh.

‘harrassment by liking’.interesting concept xD

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as in it’s gotten to the point where you’ve kindly asked twice publicly for them to stop, but they’ve continued. it’s been spammy as well as with a slight possibility of breaking yeah profile.