Firebolt Missing

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Last time I was on the server I was at outside the potions classroom because I had just finished guiding year 1s to their potions class then I called it a day and logged out. The next day I join on the server I was in front of the potions class like I was before except that the 2nd slot of my hotbar which I keep my broom was empty. And I doubt I have dropped it before logging off because I was holding my wand before I logged off (while my broom was still in my inventory).

Request for Solution
Is it possible to recover my firebolt back? If it is possible that would be great! :smiley:

Something similar has happened to be before but it was with galleons but I didn’t think of it much thinking it was because I voted just before the server made an alert it needed to restart and so I just shrugged it off thinking it was because of the reset. I’m not sure if these two events have anything in common. Just in case it is I decided to mention it.

resolved by bellona

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