First drawing dont hurt me pls

As you can tell from the title, yey, I did a drawing! This is my first time posting in this catergory… I feel cool!! This also is my first actual drawing (besides like, little kid stuff obvi)

All I used for this was a pencil, colored pencils, a gray/black marker, and a gray crayon. I did it up in about 30 minutes… it’s based on the disney movie Mulan in her song Reflection. I have a few complaints, like I made her neck too long, and she looks a lil beat up, but I want to see what everyone else has to say. So tell me if it’s good, bad, how to improve, or whateves.


based on* and I love it!

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On, that’s what I meant… xD

(this is why I’m failing grammar)

I love it as well! Especially the characters in the background. For future reference, though, I think the eyelashes weren’t the same on both of the eyes. (Sorry! I like symmetry. :ppp)

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That’s because in the scene, she wipes off half of her make-up on her sleeve, and stares in the mirror for a second. That’s why she also has blush and eyeshadow and lipstick on one side of her face, and one side is a lot paler than the other :stuck_out_tongue:

Mm, then genius! I just love it when someone does something that
looks like a mistake, but is just true brilliance. :heart:

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