Follow Up - Follow Up Rules Poll - House Chat

Noticed that house chat issue is pretty divided, and perhaps that is based on individual houses. Figured I would test this theory

  • Hufflepuff should be swear free
  • Hufflepuff should allow swears

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  • Gryffindor should be swear free
  • Gryffindor should allow swears

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  • Ravenclaw should be swear free
  • Ravenclaw should allow swears

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  • Slytherin should be swear free
  • Slytherin should allow swears

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I feel that all of the houses should be swear free, purely because of the fact that this is minecraft, not smite or overwatch, and it is targeted at smaller children, and being unable to play a harry potter server because they taught you swearing would suck, especially if being in another house could have spared you and let you keep playing


I think all houses should be swear free, not based on houses. A lot of the younger kids don’t even have a chance to put their input on not wanting to swear because they can’t make a forums account due to age. So this poll is like 99% unfair in my own opinion. xD


I don’t care if houses are swear free or not, I just care about the fact that they’re equal. All houses have little kids, considering that’s the concern. It’s not like “Oh little kids are only in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, none are in Slytherin and Gryffindor.” Either all houses are swear free or all can swear.


I agree with Kat - I mean Kay, it definitely wouldn’t be fair if one houses had swears and the other not, or vice versa. So I think whatever’s chosen, should be implemented for all houses and not just one or two.

Knockturn MC is a pretty tame server in game, and this is why they have discord I think, so there are areas there where you can swear. Some people are either too young or just not want to hear it. But that’s my own do you each. :blush:

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House chats will have a toggle soon

(this would be pre-toggle) If everyone is okay with the swearing, it should be permitted, but if people are not comfortable with it, it should not happen.

I don’t think that swear should be allowed because there are many different people online. How would you know if everyone in your house is comfortable with swears? It just over complicates things in a unnecessary way. Plus, for the MSFW vote, many people voted for 14+ because they thought that was a mature age for swearing that was below 18. Many people just randomly playing could be 8 years old, and in my opinion, if they aren’t allowed to be in MSFW for age restrictions, then they shouldn’t be allowed to be open to swearing in house chat. I think that it is definitely a first priority to keep users safe, rather than to swear away because we feel like it. I haven’t checked the MSFW poll recently, but it seems that a lot of people did want an age limit (though I acknowledge that many did not).

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If we can’t swear in global, no swearing in House chat. Flat out, no compromise. There’s little kids in all the houses - so anything we can’t say in global shouldn’t be said in House chat either.


Like Almerian says House chat is a open chat that is similar to Global so I think it would be better if we don’t swear and it’s sad to see how more younger people are learning or starting to use these swears so lightly due the influence of those who do and take it in as a common use to express themselves when it is not. (I’ve seen 10 year olds swearing! Even I didn’t use any until I hit 15 :scream:) Swearing shouldn’t be something people should take lightly and use against people who you aren’t well acquainted as it can insult those who are sensitive to swears. Even those who are 18+ when someone swears to you I doubt they would take it lightly completely :slightly_frowning_face: . Also even though there will be a toggle I don’t think it’s fair that people have to hide house chat just because people want to swear on it as I feel that everyone should have equal right to use house chat. Maybe having a seperate chat for those who want to swear might be a better idea but that’s just a suggestion for maybe a better alternative with a age limit. :woman_shrugging:


Even if it has a toggle, what does that do? Not let players be able to use House chat during class because there is swearing in it? It is unfair to a lot of players and I think all houses should be swear free or at LEAST to the consent of the houses players that are on. I.e. If someone is NOT okay with swearing, that should eliminate all swearing.


I think that we should be allow to swear everywhere but global.

I personally think mild swearing is okay in House chat, unless it is targetted at someone or a group of people. Cursing mildly because you lost something important or forgot to do something critical should be alright, but swearing at someone who snitched to the Professor on you for cheating shouldn’t be. (I believe this is the current situation with Slytherin?? Going off a post from Pande from a year or so ago).


People… Where’s the point in allowing swearing in house chat and not allowing it in global chat?
Seriously, this is nonsense. Children can read both chats, there’s no difference but the names of the chats.


Pandette literally said there’s going to be a toggle feature for house chat soon.
If people are that upset w/ swearing they can just toggle house chat.

Personally, I’m fine with swearing, but I realize that some people aren’t and that house chat is visible to anyone in a specific house no matter their age. Due to the fact that there are people who don’t want to see or shouldn’t see swearing in their chat log, swearing probably shouldn’t be allowed when it comes to house chat. Plus, why should someone have to toggle their house chat because they aren’t okay with swearing (I just saw people mentioning a toggle and figured I should bring this up). I don’t think that people who are uncomfortable with swearing should be unable to converse with their housemates simply because others are choosing to swear in the chat.

Hmm. Is it possible to implement an automatic swear filter? One that would censor the majority or entirety of the word? A toggle for this filter could be implemented, so that people who are comfortable with swearing can have it off, while others (and by default) have it on and censoring. Any filter bypass could lead to a mute by the way.


Either have all houses swear free, or allow swearing in all. They need to all be equal. Even if house chat had a toggle, what if someone wants to say something important in house chat but they can’t because there’s swearing going on in there and a little kids parents wouldn’t let them see that? I feel like the swearing would drag little Harry Potter maniacs away from the server, especially those immature people who swear at people. Swearing isn’t really okay in general but sometimes a person just has to express their emotions strongly somewhere. Since little kids can see both, toggle or no toggle, neither should allow swearing.
I hope I got my point across correctly.

I agree with some others that house chats should be equal. It is not like there are no people in one house who are annoyed with swearing, it is harmful to them, or they just hate it (like me). It is not like there will be younger children in only one house, even if there are more in one house than another, but even if we allowed swearing in one house because it did not include people who were not allowed to see/hear swear words, what if a new player joined who could not see swearing? Maybe we would need to completely change the rules and inform everyone about the rule change, which would be very difficult and could be delayed by people not properly informed.