Funniest KTN Moments (2020)

Well- I haven’t been on the server long at all really, not even a year. (I exist, if you didn’t know.) I know, I really haven’t been here too long, but I’ve been on here just about long enough to realize that there are some pretty hilarious things that happen on knockturn. Let me tell you a story. I was casualling DMing Ash, as you do- and we come up with the idea of collecting all the funniest moments from 2020, and sorting them out until we find the funniest, and most amazing moments. After that, at the end of the year, we have a nice collection to share with everyone, laugh about, and remember. It’s a quick story. Anyway, I realized a little while ago that 2 people can’t collect all the best moments. We need to work together.

So- you can DM me any funny or memorable moments from this year, all throughout the year (with screenshots if you want or need to show them to me). You can also comment on this post if you’d rather do that. If one of your submissions ends up in the compilation, congrats (Most of them will probably end up being in it).

Discord: PigTheCat#4804


Probably all of the “pranks” that have been happening lately. Putting all of the glitched mobs at Hagrids, filling the GH with pies, changing the banners in the GH, etc. Even though it was wrong, my favorite one is definitely flooding the EH and GH with boats. Obviously was bad but I was laughing so hard I started crying irl.

I think discovering that we can change the position of pet heads by looking in directions as we took pets out was also a pretty funny moment for me.

I love this idea!