Galleons stolen from chest in towny (Taken care of)

About a few weeks ago I saw that almost all my galleons in my chest were stolen. Although I told a staff member directly no action was taken but a talking to the player. I didn’t get all my galleons back although I got about a few stacks, I would like to have my galleons back and some form of action taken against this player. Thank you!

They way she had access to my chest was that I ‘WAS’ adopting her until she back-stabbed me and I forgot to remove her from my chest. I asked her if she took my galleons but she said no, She was the only one who was active that would take the galleons.

Player reported: Emma Crouch/Emma Rimma (Pumpshkins)

i should reply but she isnt Emma Rimma <3

Thought she made a name change request ;p

Due to this being 1 month + of this issue I am assuming you went through /helpop and opened a ticket for the galleon replacement. Admins should have helped you

If this is still an issue please /helpop for an admin