Gifts and Curses

Each family has a family gift and a family curse, however, those gifts and curses don’t really make that big of a difference. I think that the noticeably of the gift (and curse for balance purposes) should be increased.

Why it will be good:
This would be good because it makes the immersion more realistic. Yes, curses suck, but the family’s gift also should be noticeable and celebrated. Although my curse is charms, I would like to benefit more from Transfiguration, which is my family’s gift.

How it will work in code/other functions
I do not know how coding works personally, however I think that a simple rewrite of certain elements of a code would work by upping the numbers for how well a student does with that branch of magic that they are gifted or cursed in.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Coders who have experience with this type of plugin.

Which server?

They already do have a strong prominence and effect, but some of it might get counteracted by the fact your wand also has a gift and a curse of its own.

Is there a way to check what my wand’s gift and curse is?

It follows Pottermore I believe for wands that are on there!

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Alder Flamel did a complete statistically-based statistic sheet that analyzes the wands on the server, not just HP Lore. I’ve been using it to help out some players. I can send it to more of you.

It’s intentionally left a mystery. As said, someone did testing to try and see if they can figure it out, but we don’t tell because its supposed to be part of the mystery of wands.

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Yes please, thank you!