Giving away a Knockturn Alley apartment! (Again!)

Hello again!
Same deal as last time, with a couple changes
The giveaway will end at 8/01/2020 at 5PM EST.
The shop/apartment is again above the floo Knockturn Mall, only one floor higher than the last :stuck_out_tongue:
*Must currently be in good standing with the server (not banned, perm or temp)
*Must not own any locations at all. This is a giveaway for the smol beans of the server :slight_smile:

To enter, comment below what your favorite class is on Knockturn, or least favorite! :slight_smile:


Hello! My favorite class is Transfiguration because I feel like it’s the most interactive class, and it was the class I first attended on the server when it was taught by Pandette :wink: and yes I was a good student.

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my favorite class is potions! if you mess up then you fail- so theres pressure but im proud if i finish the potion correctly! i just really like brewing things i guess :))

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Hi there! My favourite class is Astronomy because I like space and things to do with it.

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Hi!!! My favourite class by now is charm class. Love to know more things behind the spells :smiley:

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Hello! My favorite class is Herbology, because I just think it’s the most interesting, and the work is really fun! Also, some of it has to do with my actual school work, which I think is really cool and helpful, and I could really look up stuff if I need help with the homework.

The winner is @angelictortiose1 !
Congratulations :smile:


Thank you!!!