GlennGapplePvP - David Ollivander - David Smith - WDL


ie: iarepandemonium - Pandetta Bell - Araceli Ahnmik - Trolling**

IGN: GlennGapplePvP

HP RP Name: David Ollivander

Mordonia RP name: David Smith

Reason for Ban: having World Downloader Disabled in Mods Folder/WDL

Why should we let you back in?
I made a ban appeal in late September a few hours or so after i was banned, i haven’t seen any rules about no remaking a ban appeal so i decided to have another shot and try and get a few things straight. I was banned after i had tried to login st first with the mod enabled but it didn’t let me connect so i gave up on the idea and disabled it and tried to login again and it connected for a few seconds then i was automatically banned. My intent was not to download the world and pass it off as my own or try and do anything malicious or do anything of the sort. I just wanted to explore the map without having connection issues or chunk loading problems which i experience often due to my poor internet connection. I thought it would be easier to explore Hogwarts in a single player world where i can move around and not rely on a crappy internet connection. I was told last time i made an appeal that in the rules that all mods other then optifine you had to ask about but i must not have read those or i must have read an older draft because all i remember reading was that any mod giving a player an unfair advantage eg: Xray, fly, auto eat and other hacks. something else which was brought up was that apparently every-time you login to hogwarts you’re supposed to see a message saying “this map is copyright of Konckturn MC” or something like that. I never remembered getting a message like that so I got my friend to check if he got when he logged in and he doesn’t. That isn’t an excuse just something i wanted to let you know about. If i had known that downloading the map wasn’t allowed then i wouldn’t have done it but the rules didn’t mention anything relating to exploring the map offline or anything similar (just a note it might be a good idea to add something to the rules about WDL and mods like it). But there was no rule explicitly saying no downloading the map for single-player use so i thought it would be okay if i just wanted to explore it. I played on Konckturn since the start of the year and for over 1000 hours and i was almost in year 2 on Hogwarts and it is one of my favourite servers to play on. I didn’t in anyway get an advantage over other players or hurt or damage the server/staff team. I’m sorry if it was as if i tried stealing from the server but that was not my intent.

Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned)
I had but it was an older draft i think but i have reread them.

Have you been banned and unbanned before this?

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Actual Reason for Ban: Using WDL while trying to connect to server MULTIPLE times, then either working around it or disabling it.


Your appeal has been approved.