Goodbye For Now o/

Heyo to all of my friends and family of Knockturn.

For those who care, you may have noticed I haven’t been playing as often anymore. The big reason for this is real life getting pretty hectic at the moment, so I just don’t have time.

I also have something else that isn’t allowing me to play as often as I would like. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this, but this is a loving and helpful community so I decided I would.

I was diagnosed with diplopia, which is an eye disease which basically means I have a hard time focussing my eyes together. I see double vision a lot, and the muscles in my left eye don’t work properly. I’m seeing a specialist in a month to make sure it isn’t anything worse, but for now I’m not supposed to increase the strain on my eyes, which includes using a laptop unless I absoutely have to for school. I am allowed to use my phone as long as the brightness is very low and I don’t use it for long periods at a time. My doctor doesn’t think it is anything serious or life-threatening, but until we find out I’m going to have to play it safe. Ill keep you all updated about if I get a further diagnosis or if I have to get treatments. For now, they are adding special prisms to my glasses which should help force my eyes to work together instead of independently.

In short, I’m not going to be able to play very much, at least not now. Ill still be on Discord using my phone as much as I’m able to be. I can’t say I’m not scared, but I keep being told it should be fine and isn’t anything to worry about. Ill keep you all updated, and thanks for being kind and supportive through everything.

See you later o/


I wish you so much luck and I hope yo see you again sometime. Take care! :heart:

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I hope it goes well with the specialist and that u can someday come back to the server. Take care! :heart:

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Aaww sorry to hear that, it’s sad how the bad things always happen to the best :heart::cry:

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Hope the specialist can help you! I myself have had trouble with double vision for years, so I get where you are coming from :disappointed_relieved::heart:


I wish you luck Lilly. Thank you for being there for me, you have no idea how much you have helped me over the time we have been friends.

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I am sorry if I am bit late, but I wish you well Lilly. You are a very sweet and kind person that I hope things will turn right side up for you real soon. We never really talked all that much but I can happily say if someone were to point at you and say “Judge” that you are a good person that I wish nothing but the best future for and proud to say that I know you. Take good care of yourself, let knockturn and its people be a place of comfort when you need it the most. :heart::heart::heart: