Goodbye... I Guess

Goodbye 1 year kiddos and hey 2 year kiddos :wink: You didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily did ya? Anyway, 'tis my 2 year anniversary on Knockturn and I want to dedicate it to one person. @Johnny You were the first person I met on knockturn and guided me through it all, from quidditch to map knowledge, Portal to CS:GO (Well maybe I guided you through those two but you get the point) and one big thank you to you. Love ya man <3. Oh yeah, other people, you know who you are but I just wanted to give the person who’s been through it with me from the start the spotlight, love you guys too :stuck_out_tongue:


you scared me :fearful:

welcome to 2 year club :grin:

My gosh that title Dx Congrats on 2 years :tada: hope ya stick around for many more to come <3

Well firstly i have to say it is quite surprising having an anniversary post dedicated to but if we’re going all sentimental i have to admit i’m glad i guided you that day of 2 years ago (even though we both know i don’t actually remember doing it).
I remember the quidditch trainings and me going to Harry saying i had picked you to be in the team and then it all mainly started from there.
You were one of the first people who got me to speak in a vc in english and get comfortable with it and i’m thankful for that.
Then we started talking about different games and when we found out that we had some common ones i was happy i had finally found a buddy to play co-op with.
From the “Assassin’s Will” video and all the couple events we went to as partners, qudditch cups to all the late night talks.
We’ve had a lot of experiences together in the past 2 years and i particularly love the ability you have to change some’s mood (at least mine) and bring people up with your personality in just 2 minutes of vc or a chat on the server.
Now to end this and not make it a long papyrus. A big thank you to you as well for all the laughs and everything we went through and congratulations for joining to 2 years club.
Love you too brother :heart:


Congratulations and don’t ever scare me like that again kty

If I could swear there’d be a lot more words in this sentence, but I can’t so it’s just gonna stay as this; You really scared me dude, don’t do it again

why you gotta scare like that :sob:

I legit thought you were leaving ._.