Goodbye Knockturn

Too whoever may read this, my name is Antlie Carrick and my time on knockturn has come to an end. I have been distant for a long time now and I have finally made the decision to officially leave Knockturn. You all have been amazing to me and I love all of you, even if we have never interacted. I don’t know what else to say but to give out some thanks

@Guneapigler, Ryder, Ryder, Ryder, you are my best friend, the best most pure person I have ever met in this part of my life. I am so glad that we met. I know that I was a horrible father, but I am so proud to say that you thought me worthy enough to be your friend.

@Brand, Castor, the first time we met you called me cool, and I know I have not lived up to those expectations, but someday I promise to become your definition of cool, and maybe, just maybe will someday learn to not expel your wand.

@CrystalmtG Crystal, I know we haven’t interacted that much, but you are my best friends wife, so I feel we have some connection. I have loved seeing you every time I log on and knowing that the community will forever be in good hands because of people like you.

@Muzika, Mamma, you introduced me and drew me into knockturn, and for that I could never be more grateful. I am so glad that you are my mother, and you allowed me to experience so many amazing things in life, and I will forever hold you near and dear to my heart.

@smilemaster8 You made the parkour enjoyable, and you stayed awake with me, thank your Mr. Smile.

To the Slytherin Qitiz Team, I love you all so much. I stayed as long as I did because I cared about how we did. But then I even separated myself as much as possible from you (Second string ftw :sunglasses:) So thank you all, for allowing me to stay as long as I did.

For those who have made it to this point, thank you for reading. I was never the best person and I am so glad that you all dealt with my garbage attitude, and I hope I didn’t make you all hate me too much.

Goodbye, I love you all, Antlie Carrick <3


You were a great father- Thanks for being one of the closest friends I have ever had on knockturn, you resemble a brother to me because of our friendship, we are always honest to each other xD. We’ve had so many great memories, like that time we tried going on a midnight walk at midnight and 3am (we have diff timezones) and you got caught- but you still talked to me while I was on mine xD. You have put up with all my nonsense and cluelessness of pokemon. I love you so very much and Im hoping you will return one day:revolving_hearts::two_hearts::smiley::yellow_heart:

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Oh man I wish this was an April fools joke or something. I really won’t ever forget how much fun we had during that parkour but also outside of the parkour, we casted spells, we just hung out together and I loved every second of it. You’re a really good friend and I also want to thank you for making others happy too. You might not know it but you’ve made alot of people happy here, thanks for that. I’m hoping to see you again sometime :heart: :smiley: :green_heart: :yellow_heart:

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Feel free to visit every now and then if you want. Goodbyes aren’t my thing so hopefully we see you again sometime in the future. :smile:

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