Grad name colour in /list & tab

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Changing the colour of graduates names in /list & tab

Why it will be good:
Grads don’t have much this is just something to distinguish them for their work

How it will work in code/other functions
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I don’t know how it would work to be very honest

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
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Which server?


Not sure if users can reply to Suggestions, if not I am so sorry.

As a Graduate, personally I still like having my connection to my house. I feel like if we made it so our names were purple everywhere except for our physical nametag when users look at us, a lot of the house connections will be lost. Maybe another distinctive feature could be added, such as adding a [G] by a Graduate’s name in tab. Personally I never have been bothered by not having my name purple in list and tab, since it is purple when I chat. To me, it is similar to Prefects having a colored name, but them being Prefect isn’t really put anywhere else except /house.

This is all just my feedback to this, though, and again, if users aren’t supposed to comment on Suggestions, I apologize.

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I think I’m going to agree with Lilly on this BUT grads show under Students in /list and I think a Grad[s] section could be added instead of changing name colors, as technically grads would no longer be students.


While I understand people want to maintain connection with the house, I do like this idea as graduates cannon wise don’t have much connection to their house anymore and not sure if they still even belong to it unless they are head of house.

Imo yes and no. Graduates in the HP universe aren’t students, but they still are part of their house (it is mentioned a few times what house many of the adults in the HP universe belonged/belong to). It would make sense on ktn if Graduates had more to do, such as jobs or such (which I know are being planned) but for now Graduates still hang out at Hogwarts, can sit in classes, and do most of what normal students can. I do like Haley’s suggestion of making an addition to /list for Graduates. But, either case, I figure there will be a lot of opinions on this, and this one is just what mine is :slight_smile:


I do like the ideas but I mean I am not suggesting taking out house chat for grads or anything but I think that eventually the grads will have their own community almost like a ‘5th house’. Making your name a different colour because your graduated wouldn’t make you “not ravenclaw” or any other house.

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(Am I late- yes, but I would still like to share a small thought I have had about this)

Personally, I believe it would be best if Graduates had their own group, sort of like a 5th house yes, where they WOULD lose their previous house’s color and chat, making them their literal own group.

Now first reading that, I am certain the first thought to come to mind is something along the lines of “I would like to stick to the communication and group of my house” which is understandable, but I feel as though as graduates become more popular, people of all houses would have the chance to all connect in one place, which I am sure would fit nicely as I am sure planned jobs in the future would be enjoyable and hopefully other graduate benefits. Sort of as the finish line to a community all are invited to.

After all, our house would still exist in /profile, I think it makes it interesting and a conversation starter especially for newer players to wonder and discover about what house graduates were and what it was like having them in that house by their peers.

I just think its a great common place for everyone to eventually be as they progress, but minimally I think it would at least apply to when there would be more graduates. It would at least give more to look forward to to being a graduate; a special exclusive group to be in that anyone can eventually reach.

(Yes I am aware this is a bit controversial as we all love the houses we are in and the relationships we have with our peers of our houses, so I am curious to see what other’s think)


Yeah I totally agree with that. If you wanted to stay in your house you always have the option not to graduate.

When passing NEWTs becomes something that changes your experience (which is planned for the near ish future and is the reason people who were year 6 and year 7 were suggested to year down to year 5 after the class update last year), not graduating isn’t really an option.

I disagree with taking house chat away from graduates, we certainly don’t have the numbers of graduates to where there’s enough for that: I almost always have someone to talk to in house chat but not always in grad chat. I don’t see why we can’t keep grad chat and house chat, which we have now. Neither take away from the other and having both only allows more interaction with other players through global chat channels.

Canon wise, I think grads very much stay connected to their house, even if it’s in a different way. This is shown in how certain families tend to be certain houses, and so parents anticipated what their child would be, hoping it would be that house. Think about it, they may not talk about their house much to other people outside of family after graduating, but I can only think of a few canon characters whose house we don’t know. There’s also the idea that their closest friends are going to be the ones from their house at Hogwarts. And since we don’t have a full graduate experience separate from the students’ experience yet, I think things should stay the same with the addition of Grad(s) to /list. Once we do have that further content for graduates, maybe thing could become more separate then.

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I would say that makes sense, especially if the future brings potentially more graduates, but for now perhaps its best to keep it as it is.

I never said we should take away house chat from then me, in fact I said it should remain. This suggestion is only to change our name tag colour and add us to /list. That is all because like you said all the characters in hp you knew the house…but you also could see the difference between them and a student…hence changing our name tag colour to purple.

I mean after all gtraduates already have their year chat so no need to replace it for anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Exactly that is why this is a suggestion only to change the colour of our names from blue to purple in all locations not just chat and possibly having a graduate place in /list (less needed since the /year command is coming)

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Hey there, hope you are having a good day. We are going to make a poll here so that we can see what the general population is feeling about this. Only year 5+ may vote on this for the reason that they are most affected and will possibly be effected in the near future if they choose to graduate. Important to note that this would not affect the ability to chat in house chat and our names already appear purple in all of the chats such as global, local and house chat.
As for the part of the original thought of having them appear different in /list the release of /year would cover that so is not part of this suggestion and if you wish to take this up another topic could be discussed at a later time.

  • Change the colour of the graduate’s name tags so that on /list and when you see them in person you will be able to recognize them as a graduate.
  • Keep the name tags as they are
  • I do not have an opinion on the matter

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Results will be closed and we will all find out results in 1 week from today so get your votes in.

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The results are in. Now I guess it’s up to staff if they want to do this.

My two cents on this, because a 50% of 18 voters is not really a lot.
Tab list colouring is something quite noticeable to players on the server.
The fact that our tablist right now is not sorted already introduces some form mess and uneasiness to the tab list colours that would definitly be worse when adding a third colour (such as the graduate colour). I think this change is only really acceptable if we do completely order the tab list, ensuring no more mixing of the different house colours.

Pande said no because:

a) code is in 4 places

B) thats the color over your head

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