Grading System

Bug Description

-Spending more than 1 hour in Class (2. Year, Potions, Class Number 7)
-haven’t written a single thing
-answered all quiz questions correctly

“Grade: T”

Please try to fix this weird bug it’s pretty frustrating and weird.

I also made screenshots from the chat

Did you move around?

Since the lessons plugin is being redone and the grades don’t affect anything anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it.

However, it it was a brewing class, it may have affected your grade if you didn’t brew the potion, although I’m unsure if that would affect the grade.

It does. If you dont brew the potion n get 0 pts out of 1 thats 0% and a T

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Well there we go, lesson 7 is a brewing class and since it sounds like you didn’t brew, this would be the reason you got a T.