Graduation Announcement - Lilly Arima ;)

Heyo all, it’s Lilly Arima here.

I’m sure everybody who has played Knockturn lately is sick of me constantly talking about graduating and my birthday and killing cats and all of that nonsense in global, but I wanted to make a forums post to tell anyone who cares that I am going to be offically graduating Hogwarts next Sunday.

I will be graduating offically (clicking the sign, lol) at 11:45 AM EST on March 1st. If y’all want to have a party or something after that’s cool, though I know there aren’t a ton of old players who know me left on the server.

According to Discord chat logs, nobody has graduated on the server since Daniel Owen in September 2019. This means it has been nearly six months since the last graduation.

Anyone who wants to come watch me graduate is welcome to, or don’t, either way is fine lol. I just wanted to make sure those who cared were aware.

I promise, the messages in global about my graduation will end in a few more days xD


will b there :smiley:

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Ooooh I think I can be there to watch as well!

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Hi there- please don’t necropost. This post hasn’t been commented on since February of last year therefore you commenting now is considered necroposting. Thanks!