Graduation Season - 2021 Yearbook

Hey y’all! So remember that senior quote quest some of you did where you had to make a senior quote and send it to myself? I mentioned to some people that I had plans for said quotes hence why I was the chosen one to get sent all of your lovely book n quills. But… I never said what exactly the quotes were going to be used for. After a 2 month delay (hey tbf- I didn’t get my real yearbook til a few days ago), I present to you all the 2021 Knockturn Graduation Season Yearbook!

Obviously if you didn’t submit a quote, you won’t see yourself in it BUT do not worry, I still made sure to mention the knockturn community as a whole so no one is forgotten :heart:

Click the link below to view the google doc yearbook! And maybe while you’re there, comment on sign the yearbook! Bring back the “H.A.G.S”, write what you would’ve written for your senior quote, etc. Go all out but make sure to keep it appropriate as always!

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