Graduation Season Events


Hello people of Knockturn! With Graduation season inbound, we’re introducing more events. These themed events will begin May 17th, 2021 and conclude May 30th, 2021.

Go chat with Mathias Dawson in order to earn some money to spend after graduation!

Kitties coincidentally named Emmae are roaming around Knockturn Academy planning a takeover. Stop them before the graduation festivities are ruined!



Hosts: Theo Harrison
Time(s): May 17th, All Day EST
Description: A forums event where a theme will be chosen by the host, and all participating players can build or draw a creation of their own that has something to do with said theme. After the event closes, the host chooses their favorite to win.

  • Submission must fall within the theme revealed
  • Submission should be an original work 100% made by you
  • No collages unless each element was created by you


Hosts: Luke Schoenheit & Ellie Gibson
Time(s): May 19th, 2 pm & 6 pm EST
Description: Platforms made with different block colors are scattered around the area and the only way to get to these platforms is doing parkour! Wait for the host to announce what color you’re heading to, and get there as fast as you can.

  • To be added at a later time


Hosts: Anthony Dawson
Time(s): May 21st, 8 am & 3 pm & 7 pm EST
Description: Players are given a broom, and instructed to navigate their way through the twists and turns of a flying course! Try to make it to the end of the race as fast as you can before all your fellow participants beat you!

  • No spellcasting
  • No hoggybacking other players
  • Don’t bring your own broom, you will be given a broom
  • Don’t steal people’s broom
  • Don’t block players on purpose
  • Don’t cheat or use loopholes if found


Hosts: Theo Harrison
Time(s): May 22nd, 10 am & 6 pm EST
Description: There is one murderer among a group of innocents. The murderer has to kill one person each round without getting caught. The innocents will then have to vote for the person who they think the murderer is. The game ends when the murderer is caught or when every innocent is dead.

  • The murderer will choose one person in a 10 block radius to eliminate
  • Whoever was chosen to be eliminated, and the person who initiated the vote, will both be eliminated


Hosts: Penguin Adelaine
Time(s): May 23rd, All Day EST
Description: You will received a crossword board with hints on the day of the event. The person who solves the most word with the quickest time wins!

  • Because there are no real way to prove that no one is cheating, completion reward will not be given
  • No cheating
  • Do NOT tell the answer in chat or in any form that makes player receive an advantage
  • You must mail a book that contains the answer to PenguinGoggles. I recommend using the following layout for answering to track your correct answers easier; (V/H) (Color) (Number) - (Word). Ex: (H Red 1 - Penguin)
    V = Vertical, H = Horizontal
  • After you have sent the mail, you must come talk to Julietta again to check your finished time.
  • Only 1 account per person, alts can only claim participation reward


Hosts: Emma Rose & Luke Schoenheit
Time(s): May 24th, 8 am & 4 pm & 8 pm EST
Description: One player will start as the pusher and the other as the AFK user. The duos will move through obstacles then eventually switch roles. The first duo to the end wins.

  • No spellcasting.
  • No using loopholes if found.
  • No pushing or hoggybacking players (that aren’t your partner) around the map aka no sabotaging.
  • If you have any problem, please call out in global politely and someone will come to you.
  • If caught cheating in any way, the duo will be disqualified immediately.


Hosts: Penguin Adelaine & Anthony Dawson
Time(s): May 26th, 8 am & 4 pm & 8 pm EST
Description: Players are let free in a large area, to wander off and gain resources (weapons, armor, food) , that will help them eliminate the other participants around them. The last person alive wins the whole game.

  • No spellcasting
  • No teaming
  • No using loopholes if found


Hosts: Rey Wayland & Adelaine
Time(s): May 28th, 8 am & 2 pm & 7 pm EST
Description: Players will gather in a small area with four different colored corners that are accessible to them. The hosts will think of a color, then give the players time to get in place. When the time runs out, the host will announce what color they were thinking and all players standing on that corner will be eliminated.

  • You are only allowed to choose one color at a time
  • Be respectful of the other players
  • Don’t cast any spells
  • No pvp allowed


Hosts: Dime Lovegood & Souless Bailey
Time(s): May 29th, 9 am & 7 pm EST
Description: Players are let into a map and given a chance to find a good hiding place to conceal themselves from the seeker. After a certain amount of time, the seeker will be let go and begin the search for a hider. Last hider standing wins!

  • Players will have 8 minutes to find a hiding spot around the map
  • If you are found, you become the Seeker and must find the next player
  • If it’s been 10 minutes and a Seeker still has not found their next player, another Seeker will be added
  • You can edit your sneak button! In the Accessibility settings, you can change Sneak from Hold to Toggle.


Hosts: Event Planners Team
Time(s): May 30th, 9 am & 3 pm EST
Description: Players graduating as part of the IRL classes of 2020 or 2021 will get their chance to walk the stage and have the graduation ceremony they were unable to have due to the pandemic. Those not graduating in those classes have the chance to roleplay as friends and family and cheer on their fellow players as they graduate!

  • Be honest about if you’re part of the IRL classes of 2020 or 2021
  • Be respectful/non-disruptive
  • Have fun roleplaying!

Event Shop

grad shop full size
Note: The “Graduation House Capes” and “Graduation House Caps” will not be for sale through the event shop. You can achieve these items via a quest through Mathias Dawson!

Participation Tokens

Missed out on buying some of the cool participation shop items during Cherry Blossom season? Well no worries because it’s making a comeback for graduation! For each event you attend, you’ll earn Orbs which you can spend in the participation shop to purchase some of the amazing cosmetics available. The participation store will be open after events have concluded. This is just to make sure you don’t spend your Orbs without knowledge of how many you’ll end up earning!
parti shop


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