Ground Zero- Mordonia

So, I was out exploring this morning, and I decided to venture into a large box of glowstone on mordonia. After about 15 seconds of residing in said box, I gained poison 4 for 10 minutes, enough to deter most people. I didn’t realize it then, but I had just stumbled into Ground Zero, one of the deadliest locations possible, at nighttime. I managed to get out alive by eating a carrot, and thank misha, got invincibility. I came back later with nothing in hand, and decided that it would be a good idea to check out the tree in the center, which was decorated, or so it seems. Here are some screenshots of varying appeal from my second (and third and fourth…) visit(s).

I was wondering if anyone would like to continue my research into this confusing area, and the so-it seems high named mob spawn rate, but most of all, the tree. It’s barely floating, by a single tendril that is barely touching the ground

and yes, i have the subtitles on, it helps me hear in the environment that i play on.

Evilly laughs

Interesting… if you don’t mind I’d love to help you the the research
Ground Zero sounds like my kinda place x3

So, further research indicates that Jump 2 potions will not enable a player to get onto the tree. Players need to use jump & punch to get one player on. If player sets home in the area, they have ~15 seconds to do this before the poison sets in. Plan of action:
get 2 people
Have one use a jump 2 potion
Both go to their homes underneath the tree.
Punch player with jump mid jump onto the tree.
Player with jump sets home there. Both players die from poison/mobs and repeat for other player.
Total Jump potions used: 2
Total time: 3-4 minutes
Total death count: 2

For getting up the tree, this process might need to be repeated. Have all things in a seperate home. Bring nothing with you, as it is VERY dangerous.
Total death count to top of tree: Unknown
Total potions used: Unknown

If anyone wants to help with prep for this semi-unorganized misson, I need a few items.
1: Rabbits foot for jump potions
2: Person willing to die to further research
3: Maybe we can make this a RP event? xD
Jump potions work too, just make sure that they are Jump 2 not extended jump.

Hehe. I wonder what this is…


Ya I stumbled onto this area once too! But it was in day time and I thought it was just another decor piece

Discovered: timing yourself with the poison tick lest you get up the first branch, it ends abruptly though. Advised to use a second potion to get to another branch- you can see which one it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Made it above one of the flowers, cannot reach. Anyone with spare leaping potions can mail them to me pls for further investigation (im out of them and have no blazerods/powder because someone used all 16 of them)