Group Vs Harry (Unofficial)

Cool so
Harry wants to duel a lot of people at once
Harry also can’t find people that want to duel

So here we are…

A mass group vs Harry will be held in the Forbidden forest at 12PM EST on Wednesday the 13th.

If the group wins, I will give 20g to every player that is left alive when I have died.
If I win… nothing happens I guess, no punishment.

Banned spells: Apparate, Player to Animal Transfig, or anything that tampers with users wands/ability to cast (no spell silencing)
Banned items: Everything that is not vanilla mc food, and your wand.

clarification: You may only bring your wand and food into the forest if you are participating

you’re desperate

nobody will duel me normally, sooo


Due to largely forseen circumstances harry’s moving I’ll be postponing this til Friday, when I won’t be at the new house prepping for moving.