Guide to the Castle

Hey! As you may already know, I own a bookstore. I think the most helpful book I could possibly write which I have been wanting for too much time, is a guide to the castle. I can’t do it alone though, so I need your help! If you could reply to this with directions to a place in the castle in the format below, please do! If someone already has posted your destination and you have a different route, still post it! The more routes the better! Ty for ur time! And even more ty if u decide to take the time to reply with a route! I will give a free copy of the finished book to whoever replies with a route.


RP NAME: My name is Ava Lima
DIRECTIONS (should start from entrance hall): Go through the doorway on the left of the entrance hall, and keep going straight up those stairs, and then go straight down, down, up on the moving staircases. Go down that hallway and you should find the study hall.


RP NAME: Ava Lima
DESTINATION: Student Supplies
DIRECTIONS: Go through the door on the left of the entrance hall, go down the hallway and then down the first staircase in front of you when you get to the moving staircases, go through the doorway on the left, down the stairs, turn left, down the stairs, into the doorway on the right, and down the hallway until you see Patrick Weasley in which case you have reached your destination.


RP NAME: Jordyn Collins
DIRECTIONS: Go up the stairs to the left of the entrance hall, then stay straight and go up stairs until you cant anymore, then go up the stairs to your left then it is right in front of you

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