Halloween Escape Room

Everyone loves escape rooms right? Ya…? Well, since it’s Halloween, I thought isn’t this the perfect time for an escape room? And… here it is! For those that don’t know what this is, an escape room is basically where you are trapped in a room. Inside the room, there are items and puzzles you have to solve. Find your way through all the puzzles and try to escape!

For those of you that are soooo excited for this event, here’s the backstory:

Boss: Hey, I know it’s an odd time, but can you come down to the office?

Boss: My camera isn’t working and I’m not entirely sure what the problem is, so I’d like a second opinion.

You: Alright. I’ll be there in 10.

You arrive at the office and find your boss staring eerily at one his paintings on the wall.

You: Uh, hi boss. What is the problem?

Boss: Oh great, you’re here! It’s this camera over here.

He brings out his phone and shows you some surveillance app with a black screen

Boss: As you can see, it doesn’t seem to be recording.

You: Should be easy enough to fix. Let me grab my tools real qui-

Boss: Don’t worry about that, I’ll go get them for you!

You throw a weird look in his direction and notice a slight maniacal smile as he turned towards the door

Boss: Need anything else while I’m out?

You: Uh, no…

Boss: You will… soon enough.

The iron door slammed shut behind him with a foreboding thump. You decide to take a look at the camera, but find that nothing is wrong. Soon enough, you wonder what’s taking your boss so long to return with your tools. You anxiously pace around the office, awaiting his return, and notice a flicker of movement in your peripheral vision. The camera lense zoomed in and back out - you were definitely being watched.

Psst…check out Knockturn’s Instagram for more clues https://www.instagram.com/knockturn.mc/ :smiling_imp:

-> Who doesn’t love a good prize?
We will be timing you as your group does the escape room. Why? Well, fastest time will get special prizessss but that’ll remain a secret for now. Ooooo suspense… it might be on the instagram… BUT everyone gets a prize! So don’t worry about losing, its about if you’re up for the challenge or not :alien:

-> How do I sign up?
You may sign up in groups of 4, no more, no less. However, if you can’t find a group or prefer to meet new people through this event, you can still sign up and I’ll assign you a group. For now, you may choose whatever day/time you want but we may ask you to move it if none of us can host it during that time. Also, please keep in mind that each group gets a maximum time of 60 mins, so please don’t schedule yours right after someone else’s.

(Earliest starting date: Oct. 30th)

-> Format Example

Group name: George Chucky Georgina
Player 1: Hari Bell (EHari)
Player 2: Jordan Owen (Muzika)
Player 3: Smile King (smilemaster8)
Player 4: Pandetta Bell (iarepandemonium)
Preferred Time (EST) & Day: Oct 31, 8pm


most saturday afternoons around 8pm (aedt) i can go with anyone


How long do we have to do this?

60 mins

I meant until what date, my bad for the wording xD

Just put down whenever u want it for now within the month of november

Group name: snEk
Player 1: Ryder Blackthorn
Player 2: Harry King
Player 3: Crystal Stone
Player 4: Jordyn Collins
Preferred Time (EST) & Day: Nov. 9th, 3pm

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I’m interested! I’d like to join your group :3

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6:00-9:00 and any day from Tuesday to Sunday
I can be signed up with anyone.

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Group name: Beautiful Macaroni
Player 1: Michelle King
Player 2: Will Booth
Player 3: Daniel Owen
Player 4: Smile King
Preferred time (EST): 2 pm November 2nd

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Looking for people to do the Escape Room DM me or msg me.

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@Emileronci @Tenrec @icemistywolf @_nymph do you guys wanna be in the same group? If you guys can all talk out the time for this ofc

I’m good with any day after 8pm australian time

Group name: The Three Asian Musketeers + a wild fruit
Player 1: Aria Rose (_Ariri)
Player 2: Willow Trigg (Chibbles1843)
Player 3: Sadie Cooper (Adeline_Rose)
Player 4: Phoenix Tonks(Pebbles19)
(Sadie and Phoenix might get replaced by other players, but we’ll have 4 in the end)
Preferred Time (EST) & Day: Nov. 1st, 5:45pm

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Psst… this ends on Nov 30 so make sure to sign up if you still wanna play!!


Ooo do we finally get to know what the prizes are?

Everyone who participates gets a spell scroll (better go sign up now) and candies

As for the fastest group time, the members will each get one owner doll!

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