Halloween Season Events

Good evening Knockturn! With Spooky Season fully in swing, we’re introducing some new events as well as bringing back some classics but in a new Halloween theme! These events will start on October 24th, 2021 and conclude on October 31st, 2021.


Host(s): Katna Malamius, Ellie Schoenheit, Angelina Nott
Time(s): October 24th, 8 am & 4 pm EST
Description: Players search in a body of water for hidden chests containing apples. The player with the most amount of apples at the end wins.

  • Be respectful
  • No stealing from other players
  • The first person to get to the apple gets the apple

Host(s): Ellie Schoenheit & Quinn Schoenheit
Time(s): October 25th, 8 am & 4 pm & 8 pm EST
Description: Players all at once run around a big “corn maze” searching for the exit. The first person to find the exit out of the maze wins.

  • Be respectful
  • No spells

Host(s): TBA
Time(s): October 27th, TBD
Description: Players traverse through a large Halloween themed parkour map. There is a reward for participation and completion. Note: Not a race, it’s the all day version.

  • No spells
  • No use of major loopholes in course

Host(s): TBA
Time(s): October 29th, TBD
Description: Players stand next to each other to form a big circle. Everyone starts with their heads looking down and on the count of three, they look up at another player. If two people are staring at each other then they are both “turned to stone” aka eliminated.

Host(s): TBA
Time(s): October 30th, TBD
Description: The classic ball like we’ve had in the past but Halloween themed! There will be mini activities such as a Halloween costume contest (aka skin contest), dancing/song requests, and more!

  • Be respectful
  • No spells
  • No whizbangs/fireworks/disruptions
  • Costumes/skins must be appropriate

Host(s): Rey Wayland
Time(s): October 31st, 8 am & 2 pm & 7 pm EST
Description: A classic game of Bingo using fall themed items. First player to get 5 items in a row wins.

  • No destroying the game board
  • No cheating
  • No calling out false bingos

Event Shop

To Be Announced soon! Keep an eye on the event shop location in the Great Hall!

Participation Tokens

To Be Announced soon! Event Team is hard at work to make this a great event season, thank you for your patience!