Hannah Lestrange Anniversary

Today I received my badge for my 3rd anniversary on the forums with this account!

I had forgotten my old information and joined the forums under this new account 3 years ago today! How fun!

I first joined Knockturn on May 11th 2015 and it was already a wonderful server to be on. Knockturn has changed throughout the years but is still a wonderful server to play on with a fantastic community of witches and wizards. I am so proud and happy to be a member of the community.

I want to thank the staff and Pande for keeping the server up and running. I also thank those of you who continue to join, play, and be active. Coronavirus and a new laptop brought me back, and I sure hope I can stay.



We switched to this forums about 3 years ago before it wasn’t discourse remember :smile: but awesome still

Unfortunately, I don’t notice things like that. Maybe I didn’t forget my old acc LMAO


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