Happy Birthday to Me, A post about hateful people and the consequences of them being toxic

Hello Everyone,

On this day, I turn 27. On this same day, I receive a message about a user going about comparing Knockturn to North Korea.

Now, I have to ask, since when has knockturn sat down and said ‘You know what we want our users to be, slaves’. I don’t think anyone on this staff, dev team, or any ‘higher staff role’ has thought this.

You know what Knockturn is about? A bunch of people with several different in real life issues, who work together to make something they love.

Does that mean people have difference. Yes it does. Does that mean people are perfect? No it doesn’t.

I don’t want to sit here and point names. The list of people in the ‘bash knockturn chats’ are long and ridiculous. A mixture of banned players, ex-staff, all of which were fired, and people who are friends with them, and out of loyalty get dragged down the hate course with them.

I should know, one person in that discord is sleeping on my couch right now, who drove here for my birthday party. I know a couple people I am friends with, neither of which have the drive to be mean to these hateful people or in the case of one them, common sense, to see what they are doing.

The question is, why is it these people have nothing better to put their energy into than hate? Why is it they can’t find their own passion.

Let me tell you what higher staff is thinking?

Hari is focusing on trying to learn how to push a button on a 24/7 basis

Max is thinking ‘jesus christ pande stop breathing down my neck on the knockturn alley build, I get it, you want it perfect, let me build in peace woman’

Almerian is thinking ‘llama llama llama’

Lisa is thinking about college and school.

Bellona and Smol are thinking ‘holy shit how did i become a co-owner im not qualified for this’

Crystal is thinking about the web panel I messed up in the move

Michael is thinking about college and what plugins he has to release

Fance is thinking about a series of personal problems not even related to the server and what new plugins to add

Brian is thinking about school and tests

Lorl doesn’t talk so I have no idea what she is thinking

Gunnar is probably thinking about another troll, but i rarely talk to him and siph tbh.

99 % of owner chat is us trying to come up with solutions to make the server better, the other 1% is memes.

We a) don’t have the time and b) the energy to even sit around and conspire about hateful things.

Of our admins, most of them are preparing for college or new life oppurtunieis and view knockturn as an escape from the world they fear, especially in the case of jordan who lives in a city she is terrfied of. (Would barely cross it to meet me when I visited her.)

What is pandette thinking though? Man she is sure evil, I bet she is thinking people to ban, ways to prevent previously banned people from rejoining etc etc.

I spend most of my time ON KNOCKTURN coding in not only visible lobbies, but sometimes on stream. When I am awake, one person making a post in discourse or discord and I am trying to fix YOUR ISSUES FOR YOU, meanwhile I am studying for another java exam, and trying to apply to get a masters degree.

But no, the message that is being sent around about us being north korea when we are just people trying to find an escape. The hateful message is easier to believe than there being good and evil in anyone.

So instead of a message about how these people are bad, lets focus on the fact that them pointing out we are bad is undeniably false. They should focus the energies they do have to create something of their own, and a lot of those people have the potential to do that. And many of them will grow out of whatever hateful stage in their life they have encountered. So instead of being negative, lets hope they can get past this rage for being removed from a community.

To be honest, it wasn’t because you werent likable, it wasn’t because you were mean, though some people who were banned were. Most of the people in that group are nice people who did things for the wrong reasons, broke rules we agreed on as a community, and instead of accepting their faults, rather blame someone else.

Taking responsibility for your own mistakes is a difficult thing to do, but we all have to do it sometime.

Am I saying that Knockturn staff is perfect? HELL NO. I lost my temper with Jordan not a few days before she asked me to help her with something in real life. The thing is, we are all human and all humans have flaws. The current staff, at least most of them, understand this and that is why we believe in them.

So lets not compare a bunch of people who pay out of pocket half the time for a server they barely play on anymore to a dictator who is starving people. Not only is that harsh, its wrong and a very first world view of something.

I wish half the people in that country even had the ability to use internet, or even have a proper meal. How nice our life styles of being able to send hate messages out about a minecraft server must seem to them.

Happy birthday to me, another group of people wasting time hating when they could be learning or doing something creative.




Happy birthday Pandetta! I hope you have a great birthday (I’m also sorry if this is really late)! Thank you for everything you do for this server!


Happy Birthday! This is by FAR my favourite server! Don’t worry about what this person thinks. We really love you, and everything you have done for the server, and think that you should care about what they say, because 99.999% of the people on this server love it, and understand what its meant for.

Again, wishing you a happy birthday!

-Lily <3


:roll_eyes: Don’t listen to the haters :wink:


Pandetta, you are such a queen. Happy birthday, and just know that nearly everyone appreciates what you do for the server or would appreciate you if they knew how much time and effort you put into the simple things. Thank you for sticking with the server and letting it become such an accepting and overall a great place.


It’s just amazing how people have so little repect among persons who spends their money, effort and time and among other countries. Also how instead of admitting they did wrong they go on for months talking rubbish about other high staff :thinking:. Anyways hope you had an amazing birthday and just don’t listen to people who are just being jerks with you. :wink:


Dang right I am :rofl:


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