Happy Birthday!

(please dont hate on my terrible handwriting and blurry icons.)

Today is not only Pande’s, not only Pande & Croos’, but Pande, Croos, and Bre’s birthday.
Happy Birthday friends <3

All three of these wonderful people have been strong. Pande, you are wonderful. The people out there who decided KnockturnMC is not good are just sore losers who are mad that they got fired. They could’ve enjoyed the server, but they made false accusations.

Pande, you are so strong. You are a wonderful, caring person. If Knockturn didn’t exist, a lot of my friends here would more or less be like no one. Just keep fighting through the hate, they aren’t worth your time.

Croos, wonderful croos / cris. Cris you are a fantastic person, so keep being amazing. And nyooming in through disc at random times. Croos you’re… just a very cool person. I am proud of you <3

Bre <3 Bre you taught me actual things to be a beater. Half of the time I’d just steal Jordan’s bludgers. Bre, you are an amazing quidditch player and person. I love your enthusiasm and just enjoyment, and that you will take any role so that we can play.

@passionfire @pandette @Adam_Boynton

<33 thankk you

(post your knockturn memes)


You, Daisy…


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psh i am a meme

Your handwriting is a meme HAHAHAH
<3 ily still dont get mad srsly

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xDDD i wont <3 I agree with that though xD (It can be good sometimes if it wants to be

Lol, But happy birthday to y’all, we love you so muchh <3

<333 agreed!