Happy Festivus!


Hello everyone and HAPPY FESTIVUS!

Festivus is a holiday that was created by someone whose son worked on Seinfeld. The idea was he made a holiday for everyone to celebrate no matter if they were religious or not. Festivus is a special holiday now for a lot of people, because since it has no connection to any religion, a lot of people view it as a neutral holiday.

It falls on the 23rd of December every single year, and is supposed to be a way to celebrate the end of the year, give gifts, and also generally spend time together.

A lot of people also adopted Festivus because of the legendary Airing of Grievences, where you tell people at a feast all the things you had issues with during the past year. The goal of this is to bury all the hard feelings and start fresh in the coming year.

Instead of a tree, Festivus just has a pole where other holidays usually place a tree. There is also supposed to be feats of strength where people attempt to show they are the strongest. Games of all kinds are also encouraged.

Hopefully you can spend today telling people all the things you had issues with, so you can forget them and everyone can walk away a better person.


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