Happy Yuletide!


Hello everyone, Happy Yuletide, otherwise known as Winter Solstice. It is celebrated around the world in various cultures, but it is most notably celebrated by pagans who lived in Scandinavian. Most notably, many people believe the origin of the christian holiday Christmas came from Yule, which features a yule tree with candles. It was also a feast that lasted for 12 days to celebrate the rebirth of the sun.

In modern days, it is celebrated by the Pagan religion, who often credit celtic origins. It often features a yule log that is burnt in the fireplace, often supposed to be a massive log that will burn for a long time.

Whether it’s for the god Odin, or as a part of neo-paganism, yule is definitely a holiday to celebrate as it is scientifically also the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, which is why sometimes yule is on other dates ranging from the 20th to the 23th of December.

Much like other winter holidays, gift giving is apart of the celebration.