Harrison Potter - FROM: Ravenclaw TO: Gryffindor

Rules For Applying:

  • Title-> Firstname Lastname - FROM: house TO: house
  • Year 3+. Don’t bother applying under year 3. It’s auto-denied no matter what you say.
  • All house changes are final. You can never make another house change again, so be sure you want it.

IGN: JaySpark
RP NAME: Harrison Potter
YEAR: Year 3
NEW HOUSE: Gryffindor
REASON: (Must be at least 3 paragraphs. Must really summarize why you arent the other house and why you are the new house. Remember ALL FOUR HOUSE HEADS have to agree to you to move.)

The Beginning:
I want to begin this application with my introduction to the server upon me joining on my first day. I am quite impulsive and was really excited to get onto the main server itself. On the day of joining, when I was answering all the NPC questions, I blindly clicked any answer (Not knowing the importance of them and how they may effect my journey on Knockturn). I spam clicked impulsively, and got on the server and immediately got my wand and got sorted into… Ravenclaw.

Experiences as a Ravenclaw
Now, to be honest, I was disappointed. I never ever saw myself as a Ravenclaw. I didn’t follow any traits in my opinion. However, my first month in Ravenclaw, I noticed feeling really out of place, especially in discussions in house chat. I wouldn’t be able to follow them, or join in. I made some really good friends, and got into the quidditch team at the time. My respect however for the house itself went up. I really started to see why Ravenclaw was such an amazing house. The people are so kind, despite me not fitting in entirely they accepted me for me. I tried to even change myself and the way I spoke to kind of fit in with friendship groups. However again, it was a short term fix. I became closer with Gryffindor’s on the server and would get ridiculed sometimes for supporting Gryffindor in the points system. I still worked hard for Ravenclaw out of respect for my friends in the house and my place on the server.

Why I don’t belong in Ravenclaw
The reason I want to change could be shortened down to a ‘I’m not a Ravenclaw’. However there is more depth to this. Despite my respect, and utmost loyalty to Ravenclaw over the past year or so, I haven’t performed to my fullest. I don’t feel passionate about the house I’m in because I cannot relate to it. And when I forced myself to be someone I wasn’t just to ‘fit it’, it altogether showed how much I don’t belong there. When earning points for Ravenclaw, I would put on a face of success for my fellow housemates, a part of me would feel bad for NOT helping Gryffindor. I also am not the academic type in real life or on the server. I would feel judged for not being able to match up to the knowledge of my house mates.

The Lion Within me
No I am not going to bring ‘Pottermore’ into this. But will open up a little about myself and sides that have peeped out now and then on the server. My personality type is of someone who is impulsive, and act on emotion rather than logic. If I feel something is wrong I will act. I won’t lie, there have been downsides to this, but it is who I am. A perfect example of this would be on my first week, there was someone casting on people at Hagrid’s ( a much more powerful witch than anyone I have seen). And a lot of Ravens had warned all of us on house chat to not go to Hagrid’s. However my friend was having a tough day and was constantly getting killed by this player. So I went with my wand, with my 50% godlike Incendio and got Killed. (Like I mentioned, my bravery can be quantified to stupidity), however I got out of the hospital bay, and died 5 more times just to show that I am not scared. A lot of Ravens that day even stated to me that I was a ‘Rebel’ or ‘Asking for trouble’ - but in my eyes, people were getting hurt, and even if I couldn’t do much about it, I was more focussed on doing SOMETHING about it, rather than sit back and watch. Regardless of the consequences.

However I am not going to put myself out to be ‘the bravest of the bunch’. I do get scared. I do feel fear like every other human, and even in moments where I face impossible odds, I am terrified. But I am someone who is MORE terrified of walking away. I am not ‘always’ brave. But I do find the courage in me when I or others need it. I do at times, and sometimes more than most, lack the bravery and courage to do what’s right for me. (Not flattering myself) , this is a problem my friends have also stated, that I put them before me too much. It is a flaw. But I am looking for the courage to fight that personal battle.

What I will take with me from Ravenclaw
Being in Ravenclaw has definitely changed my approach to situations. I have learnt to use my head slightly more than I did before joining Ravenclaw. I have learnt the importance and value of knowledge. And above all I will value my time there as a gift, not a curse.

Final Notes
To sum this up, I don’t think I have outwardly ‘Advertised’ my traits as a Gryffindor. In fact I didn’t really go into Knockturn with ‘Gryffindor Gryffindor Gryffindor’ on my mind, the idea to be in the house came early on when close friends of mine in and out of Knockturn would name me one. However I knew that I wasn’t a Ravenclaw. I don’t associate Gryffindor as the ‘perfect’ or ‘good’ house the media represents them to be. However I do see the house as the ‘right’ house for me.

Thank you for reading.

Kind Regards,

Harrison Potter


Accepted! Welcome to your new house!

Make a /helpop when an Owner is online to join your new house.

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