Harry’s Duelling lessons!

Heyo- I’m Harry King Cross!
Ever wanted to get started duelling, but don’t know how to duel?
Shout at me on discord and we can schedule a time to have a smol (or large) lesson! There will be no costs for these lessons :slight_smile:
(Recommended for beginners and intermediate duelists)

It is recommend that you have Protego nonverbal, and at least one offensive spell (incendio, bombarda, brulium, baubillious) nonverbal as well.
Happy duels!

Edit 1: I forgot my discord tag, it is Harry Cross#4600


Hia… well I’m not really apart of the community atm, but if I get unbanned in the upcoming months I was wondering if these were 1 on 1 lessons? I’m kinda in a unique situation where I’m not a beginner but I’ve lost all my knowledge and muscle memory of dueling.

Yep, they can be one on one, or in a group with your friends