Haunted Parkour Event Results!

Halloween Parkour Coarse Results
The haunted mansion’s parkour event is now over, and here are the statistics I’m sure you guys have all been waiting for! In total, we’ve had 15 people begin the parkour. 6 were eliminated on the basis of them testing or building the map and will be included below in honorable mentions. 4 began the parkour but were not able to finish it! Congratulations to all that completed the map, and without further ado, here’s the top 5!

Top 5

First Place: Alex Rogers! 0:13:27
Second Place: Will Rose! 0:21:15
Third Place: Emma Rose! 0:29:43
Fourth Place: Nico Warbeck! 0:33:46
Fifth Place: Lizzie Hart! 1:05:46

Congratulations to all! Take pride in the fact that you were some of the few who were able to make the harrowing escape. Together, you had an average escape time of 32:47 !

Enjoy an inspirational quote: “You never fail until you stop trying.” -Albert Einstein

Honorable Mentions

Johnny Krum
Grace Granger
Cassie Slytherin
Jeff Blishwick

Harry King - 5:31 - Completed legitimately, but helped build and test parkour
Katna Malamius - 7:17 - Completed legitimately, but helped build and test parkour
Ellie Schoenheit - 54:08 - Completed legitimately, but helped build and test parkour

Thank you additionally to Quinn Schoenheit, Haley King, and Bess Brekker for either helping in building or testing the quest!
A huge thank you to the Events Team as well as everyone who participated in this event!

Hope you enjoyed the Escape the Haunted Mansion Parkour Event!

Have a Happy Halloween!
-Ellie Schoenheit & Katna Malamius