Hazel Weasley

Note: @smilemaster8 told me to make a seperate topic for my char so I hope I’m doing this right

IGN: Pengauno

Character’s RP name: Hazel Weasley

Character year: 2

Gender: Female

Appearance(Hair, eyes etc.):
-Purple eyes
-brown hair dyed purple at the ends that’s midlength
-skin is slightly tan
-resting face is a sly grin
-Average height for 13 year old

-Sly, mischievious
-Doesn’t like being insulted by people who aren’t her friends
-Will pick a fight with people stronger than her if it means standing up for what she believes in
-blunt and straight to the point but can be a good liar if need be
House (ingame one since this cooperates with things such as commonrooms): Gryffindor

Other things you want to note(perhaps blood type, a talent, family gift/curse or a special item they have etc.):

-Loves jinxes and uses them all the time
-Transfered from Ilvermorny after realizing she may have family at Hogwarts
-Been looking for her family (her fellow wheezes)
-Loves cats
-Always carries samwiches and snacks on her as she loves to explore and sometimes doesn’t return for dinner or lunch
-technically isn’t supposed to be at Hogwarts but no one knows that