Hello guys! Here I'll tell you my backstory!

So I’m Ryan Carrow (in case you don’t recognize my name :stuck_out_tongue: ) And I’ve been thinking about my character’s backstory before, so I thougth I’ll share it with you guys! Let me start then.

It all started when I was born. My parents wanted were working for dark forces. When I became 6, they wanted me to join the dark forces, and learn some evil, and bad curses. I really didn’t want to get involved in this, but I didn’t tell this to my parents they probably wouldn’t take it that well. I ran off from home one night. The problem was that I didn’t had any money, and after this rebellion escape, I couldn’t just go back, and ask my parents for money. (they didn’t have safe in Gringotts they were keeping everything at home no one knows why) So I had to sleep by the streets sometimes. Then a random stranger found me, and asked me where my parents was. She was a muggle so I couldn’t tell the truth. I told her that I have no parents nor family. Then she took me to the nearest orphanage. After a few years the Hogwarts Headmaster came to the orphanage and told me that I have been accepted at Hogwarts. Then helped me purchase my stuff.

So yeah that’s it. Tell me what you think about this backstory of mine that I made up! Hope you enjoyed it.