Hello :p

Ok so I wasn’t on the forums until like 2 months in to this knockturn journey and I just discovered this. So yeah.

I am Antlie Hall on hogs, and Antilious Iturraspe on mord. You can just call me Ant because I am Anti on discord and Ant is the only thing similar between all of my names so yeah. I grew up in the USA and I really want to move to Canada when I am a legal adult. I recently started band in school and I play percussion. Plus I like everything in school expect for my stupid 6th grade LA teacher. But yeah. Say Hi if you see me around! :smiley:


Welcome to knockturn! Do you like anime? Sorry just felt like asking…

hi there!

Yes I do. Tokyo Ghoul is my favorite but Kakashi from Naruto is my fav character from like anything ever.

EYYYY Fellow Bando! Hi! I’m Khan, I’m in my 8th grade/High school band too! I play clarinet! I hope you like your journey here!

Oh, that’s strange because I was thinking about watching Tokyo Ghoul! Alot of people have recommended it to me. Anyways, enjoy knockturn and hope to see yah around.