Helper - Emma Rimma

(MAKE TITLE: Role - Firstname Lastname)
ie: Professor - Bellona Spiritus

Minecraft Username: MCQueen26

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Emma Rimma

Real-Life Age: 16

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Hogwarts Year: (Y2+ for all roles except Lore) Year 4

Do you have Discord?: (REQUIRED) Yes!

If you have Discord, what is your username?: MCQueen26//Emma#6290

How long have you been on the server?:: I have had a player on the server for about 6-ish years but I took a 3 year break due to personal reasons but as of rejoining, I’ve been here about 2 weeks.

Why should we pick you for this role?: I believe that I should be picked for this role because I have, not only previous experience, but what I believe to be the qualities of an outstanding helper. I’m active at heart, bubbly, passionate, as well as confident. These qualities that I have can create an amazing helper because when helping new players, it’s important to know what you’re doing and help the players but also give them the fun experience right off the start. Regarding my experience, I was a mod for most of the time that I played before my break, including when helpers were non-existent so I have lots of experience when it comes to helping new players begin their Hogwarts journey.

Have You been Staff Before?: Yes: moderator and professor.

Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?: I know most might be hesitant about picking me to join the helper team due to not truly knowing me (yet hopefully :slight_smile: ) but also because I just rejoined. I believe that I learn better through experience and if you give me chance, I hope I can make you all proud and prove to you all that I am the right addition to the helper team. Thank you and have a lovely day :smiley:


Unfortunately, your application was not accepted. This could be due to a number of reasons and there isn’t any exact formula for explaining why or why not someone was accepted to staff. After this, you can reapply in two weeks after being denied, not sooner. Thank you for your application! :blush: