Helper- Meow Malfoy

(MAKE TITLE: Role - Firstname Lastname)
ie: Professor - Bellona Spiritus

Minecraft Username:
Hogwarts Roleplay Name:
Meow Malfoy
Real-Life Age:
Hogwarts Year: (Y2+ for all roles except Lore)
Year 5
Do you have Discord?: (REQUIRED)
If you have Discord, what is your username?:
Meow Magic#7678
Do you have an account in Knockturn’s Gitea?: (REQUIRED)
How long have you been on the server?::
5yrs once its August 4th!
Why should we pick you for this role?: (If applying for YouTube team, please include any familiarity with recording and editing software.)
I think I would be a great fit as I’ve been here so long so I know how this server functions! I also love helping people out when I can, such as apparating people to class or other spots if they are lost, showing people empty regions if I know a perfect one that’s cheap, etc.
Have You been Staff Before?:
Yes, I was a professor’s assistant back when that was a thing.
Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?:
I’ve been here for many years, and I would love to help this server grow just as this server helped me realize that I do want to go into education to influence others as the lovely professors here have with me.


Congrats! You’ve been accepted to Knockturn Networks Staff! Now you need perms. Here is what needs to happen before you’re officially on the team:

If your application changes from Accepted to Permissions-Granted before you have all these perms, please contact an admin+ and get the missing perms!

If you ask for perms before you get permission granted, this application will be denied.

Welcome to the team! :relaxed:

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