Helper Resignation - Cris Malfoy

I never thought I’d resort to one of these, but unfortunately the time has come. I feel like I don’t have the mental/emotional stability to organize my time and energy on Knockturn like I did maybe six months ago. So, even though I do enjoy helping people, I’m resigning from Helper. I might reapply (again) sometime but I’ll still be professor and builder, because I don’t think I could ever pull away completely. I’ve been on that edge before but it’s impossible because all you fabulous people are my family :green_heart: and it’s something I can’t live without. :v:


Aw! Cris :0 you were the most helpful helper there was lived

Nooo Cris! You were a great helper, and im glad that you’re staying prof and builder! Gl w/ IRL stuff :smiley:

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