Helper resignation - Horace Bones

Uhhh, life is being a mess

I never thought, that I would do this, but here it is.
I am not very interested in playing, so I’m not active. That is the reason I can’t be a helper anymore. I became a helper on summer, I guess. Maybe on June? And I loved the work as much as I do right now, but I’m not sure if I can do this anymore. I do have some peeps that were a great example for me as a helper: @Jack (You were always working as best as you can, so I think people liked you as a helper, cough vampire Jacky xD) @Goose (I know you weren’t a helper, but you helped a lot, and was my guide <33) @Helianthus (You were the best helper I could’ve known in my life, You always worked hard for newbies coming into the server, helped a lot of people). Sorry if I forgot to mention someone. Do not forget my fave newbie that I guided, Rudi x33 can’t remember his discourse name, oops
I wish best luck for all helper team, keep up your good work!
If it’s not obvious, I am resigning from helper role.


You’ll be missed horace :cry:

It’s been great having you on the team!

Btw Rudi’s discourse is @SaltLevel9000