Herbology Insights

I am pretty sure this suggestion is going to be denied because of rules, and I can understand if you deny it since maybe it is something you do not have in your list of priorities for the server. Anyway, I will try.
First of all, I want to say that I have never seen talking about Magical Plants during Herbology classes. I have seen talking about Biology and Botany, but I find it hard to say that I often have seen talking about Herbology. Of course this is just a general view of Herbology classes, I truly have seen, sometimes, talking about some Magical Plants, but well, I mean, In my opinion, it was not enough for an Herbology class. In addiction, I want to say that I really love this Hogwarts subject and, as you may know, I also have written 6 Plants books talking about Magical Plants and Non-Magical Plants with Magical properties (the ones which are used as ingredients to brew Potions or to build Wands). All the information I put into those books is from the books, from Pottermore and from fanmade sites that assembed together information about magical plants coming from books and Pottermore. So I can say that it is not my invention, it is official information about what we know about Magical Plants from books and Pottermore (there is maybe also some information coming from video games or from Knockturn server Herbology books, but I tried to avoid those 2 kinds of information because I wanted to stick with the offical one). I know that Herbology is not in the book of priorities right now (I know that spells, potions, year 3 classes etc. are more considered, fairly because they’re more appreciated by users than Herbology is). For this reason I want to do this suggestion, which is maybe a little weak but I’m confident that if you help me developing this idea, it could may be interesting:
I would like, as a non-Professor (because I’m not a Prof. since I didn’t apply for that and I don’t know if you would accept me anyway, but I don’t want to do that because I don’t have a specific time during which I’m logged in the server; plus I don’t want to be bound to particular scheduled times because of my real life), to do some “events” in the greenhouses (you would choose the lasting of those events and I would stick to that durability; it could be 5 minutes or 45 I don’t care) in which I teach people (not necessarly students, just users in general, I don’t want to be a Prof) insights about Magical Plants. I don’t want to be paid for that since it would not be a staff thing or anyway an official server thing and it’s just something I want to do to help the Herbology-part of the server that, for some good reasons, now it’s maybe taken less in consideration than other subjects. The only thing that I ask is that I don’t want to be bound to particular times and hours and that I can do those events when I want to do them (unless, of course, they shade more important events like classes, quidditch matches, tournaments and so on: in that case I would not teach those insight indeed). If you accept this suggestion, I will send you a complete list of all the plants I would cover in my events. My timezone is the European one since I’m italian, my age is 22 and I have Discord. As you know, I’m a helper.
I will write other things under this topic if they come up to my mind, but I think, for now, that I wrote all I had in my pumpkin head.
And sorry for really bad english language.

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Just a question! What Pottermore?

the year one lessons have magical plants in the lesson if they arent being taught its due to professors. If you wanna teach stuff, appoly for it, if you wanna improve lessons apply for the lore team and please for the love of god put spaces between paragraphs bc that huge hunk is hard to read.

Pottermore is the official Harry Potter site. It was created by J.K.Rowling and it is full of new information and features that she wrote but did not put in the books. It’s cool! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kindness <3