Hi everyone!

Hi! I’m not new to Knockturn, in fact I started in about 2014/2015? After taking a (forced unfortunately) break for 3 years from everything Minecraft, I am back. While I’ll probably be on a lot throughout the next two to three weeks trying to get used to things again, I probably won’t be as active during the school year (starting August 6th) because it’s my junior year and as most know, that’s the hardest year (from what I’ve heard). Almost all of my friends from back when I used to play every day have now moved on from Minecraft so I’m looking for some new buddies! Feel free to say hi if you see me online and I’ll try to do the same but I’m shy when it comes to making new friends and “getting out there”. On to a little bit about my personality! I’m a dancer, gamer (obviously :3), love using emojis, a Simmer, a frequent Pinterest user, Scoliosis warrior (feel free to ask questions about what that is or just anything about scoliosos :slight_smile: ), and finally, Chick-fil-A obsessed. My favorite color is aqua blue/Tiffany (& Co.) blue and my favorite food is pizza with ranch (I’m also kind of ranch obsessed because I’ve tried lots of foods with ranch :3). Well, can’t wait to get back to it and make some more friends and memories! See you on knockturn ;D !


Glad to see you’re back! I’ll be sure to say a hello on Knockturn :smiley:

Hey there! We’re all super glad you’re back and we hope to see you around lots!