Hi I'm Joey and I have No life, Unlike You cool Peoples

         Hello, I'm Joey and I'm better at Knockturn

life than I am at real life, and I’m honestly certain

that I put more effort into my homework so I can play

Minecraft. Also, this is my favorite article in the world:


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I’m also on the server with my friend Anika Bennett and we have no lives.

I have no li- -checks life- Never mind I have a life, it just sucks more than yours xD


Shameless self-promotion, I like that. Welcome to the server, both of you! <3

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Thanks you! We come on the server like everyday, but I was procrastinating to do this… Yay

You did better than me, I never made one xD

Same. I think after I got a staff position is a bit late as well soo… ehh I’ll do something extra special for a year or half year or something.